Adventure 3: Crucifixion of the Flesh

Adventure 3: Crucifixion of the Flesh

This is the part of the campaign I did not get to run.  The campaign was slowly devolving because some players were becoming an issue and I really did not like the group dynamic that was developing.

WHERE: Dark Chicago 


Clues from The Immaculate Seduction would lead the players to Chicago (ie. the people of CAUS would take the poem recited by Rebecca and draw some conclusions).  The passage applicable to this part of the campaign is:

Where the Sacred meets the Profane
Crucifixion of the Flesh

The passages would lead the players to Dark Chicago, into the Sears Tower (now Gehin Corp HQ), “where Hell meets Heavens”.  There they will meet the Crucifier – the next Brotgher ot Tharkold, brother to Father Razorflesh. In reality, the Gehin Corp with help from the Crucifier and his Tharkold tech, have made a beanstalk that leads to an orbital station (High Colonies influence).


The Crucifier is going to be another cenobite type demon creature that had punched through from Tharkold and looking to not only convert all of Earth but other dark minions and their home dimensions as well.  Tharkold is as much a threat to the other Dark Lords as it is to Earth.

The Crucifier is a highly empathic Dark Lord from Tharkold that has mastered the skills of Domination.  He has dominated many of his kind.  His slaves have infiltrated the Cambrione family and they are spreading.

The Crucifier likes to flaunt what he does.  His assassins kill those who betray and oppose him, and hang the victims on steel I-beam crosses.  If the target is important, the assassin take over their lives of the victims.

Not only will the PCs have to face off against the Crucifier, but they will discover that the Elite of the Nomenclatura have long left the planet.  They now run things from orbit in their “high palaces” – luxury space stations littering the orbital sky, directly accessible from Beanstalks found throughout the planet.

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