Adventure 5 – The King and Them

Adventure 5 – The King and Them


The PCs quickly learn that the Sley’eth they rescued off Hunt World IV (Adventure 4)  was not the real King, but another regent.   The real King stole a Ka’abrel freighter with a crew of other escaped slaves and flew into the ‘Zone in hopes of finding a way to save his people.

The Sley’eth have a legend that is similar to the old Earth “Flying Dutchman” story of an old alien ship that can be seen wading in and out of the Shatterzone.  The King is convinced that this mysterious alien ship has the key to saving his people.


The King flew into the Shatterzone after the mysterious ship only to pass through a strange energy anomaly.  This energy anomaly molecularly bonded the organics of the crew and the King with the structure of the ship, virtually making the entire ship a living organism.  Any attempt to board this ship will be seen as an invasion or an infection.  In fact, a group of Shatrats have already attempted and were grossly cocooned in antibody organisms (their ship is still attached and is being taken over).

Once the PCs find the ship and board it, they will have to deal with various challenges because they are invading an organic being.  Possible encounters include:

  • “Antibody” creatures – any foreign body will be attacked by organisms created within the living ship that are the equivalent of antibody cells.  They will not attack the Olanradis, however.
  • Other surviving crew
  • Shatrat/Fringer/Bolter raiders aboard.
  • Aliens associated to the anomaly – “keepers” or “creators”
  • Ka’Abrel or Fask’Jiit Attack force reclaiming the ship

The PCs will have to face off against one or more of these challenges and also discover that there is a way to fix things.  A scientist within their group or perhaps a surviving one onboard. will figure out that all they have to do is Q-Jump back through the anomaly to reset everything back.  Each organism will be reset back to its original body, theoretically. They will have to get to the bridge, face off against the various  challenges and set an automatic course back through the anomaly (automatic because the PCs do not need to be on board when they go through the anomaly).


Becoming One

{optional} The longer the PCs stay on the ship, the more “integrated” they may become with the organics of the ship.  It may manifest in many ways.  If they touch the walls or panels, they may feel their skin tear off when they pull away.  Their skin may turn pale, ir their hair may begin to fall out.  Some way or another, the PCs will feel like they are changing into what they are seeing.  Much of this is left to the GM.

The Anomaly

The anomaly is a strange energy field caught in a gravitic eddie deep in the Shatterzone.  It is at the center of a gravity vortex that is a challenge to navigate.  However, if approached right (perhaps with shields modulated at the right frequency), it could be a gateway through to the other side of the Shatterzone.

The Alien Ship

Once reverted back to its original form, the ship will be revealed as a huge alien (Drake from the future, see Adventure 6) dreadnought, heavily damaged but repairing itself (Drake alien tech).  At its full functionality, it can be a challenge any Fleet task force.  It would take the entire Ka’Abrellian fleet to take this one out once it repairs completely.

{The intent of this is to use it for the next adventure, which is free the Sley’eth slaves}

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