Adventure: Bad Hunt

Adventure: Bad Hunt


PCs are hired by a human named Llavan Sorr, who claims to be a renowned game hunter (and poacher).  He is looking for some help on a big job – one that will take them on a hunt for a very special and rare animal.  He has been contracted by an undisclosed interest (see Fanatical Cult) that is willing to pay a large sum of money for two live and breedable samples of these creatures.

The Catch: The creatures are only found on a nature preserve monitored by Star Law.  The PCs will have to infiltrate through the Star Law security to land on the planet.  Sorr has a ship – a lightly armed (rocket battery) inconspicuous freighter.  Inside that freighter are specially designed assault drop pods.  These pods will fit into the rocket battery tubes of the freighter.  The ship will make a flyby just outside the Star Law security perimeter, claiming navigation problems.

Soor’s plan is to target the largest body of water near the reserve continent and spash down there.  There is a 95% chance of survival.  The PCs will be hooked up to life support and floating in a high density impact gel.  After splashdown, a raft will be deployed and the occupants will float to the surface.  Low frequency transponders will help in finding each other.

Once on planet, the PCs will have to find a means to get off.  They are given the location of a Star Law depot with a shuttle as an option.

Reservation planet (unnamed) – Warmer than normal Earth-like worlds.  The area the PCs will be in is arid and the terrain is predominantly savanna with sparse jungles in places. The planet is a reservation world for many endangered and specially reserved creatures.  The ocean around the primary continent as equally populated with unique creatures {possible encounter early on}.  The land is home to a great variety of predators as well as prey.


Not only do the PCs have to worry about the animals they are seeking but the variety of predators will prove to be challenging.


Shri’iki Colony:  The Shri’iki have established a hidden colony on this world.  The PCs can learn of this in many ways:

  • Slain creature – they find a creature shot by Federanium rounds.
  • Slaves – a group of poachers or Star Law custodians have been enslaved by the Shri’iki and act as guardians or patrollers.

The colony itself is in a valley and a large “birthing pool” can be found in the ridges above the valley.