Adventure: Hijacking

Adventure: Hijacking

This is a sub-adventure that I put together as part of the Rage campaign but separate it out as I had a few ideas to enhance it. 


The PCs are escorting a group of VIPs  and their cargo to a remote colony for a Japanese corporation (as part of a resistance mission)  =on board a special and luxurious passenger liner ship – called a Stellar-Nautical Crossover vehicle.  This liner – called the Kusumi Maru – is a large ship that has nautical capabilities.  It travels to a habitable world and then lands in its oceans, where its open-air decks open up and it becomes a cruise ship.  The Kusumi Maru is destined for a vacation world within Imperial space, where the PCs will be taking their supplies to the colony (and infiltrating the colony for the resistance).

The majority (about 80%) of the passengers are Japanese elite and their entourages.  The remaining 20% are of some other European descent, including a few Reich citizens.


The VIPs are corporate execs who wish to see the progress of a particular undersea colony on the vacation world.  They have reason to believe their lives are in danger.  However, the cargo they are carrying is also important – new desalination tech that will allow the colony to be self-sufficient.  This new tech is not something the Reich has and would very much like to have.  Tangentially, it would be in the resistances best interest if the Reich never got this technology.

During the first in-system flight to TDI jump, mysterious deaths will start occurring all over the ship (see below).


Among the passengers is a group of Reich SS special forces posing as terrorists/resistance.  The smuggled on-board in pieces 100 Mechagangers as well as weapons.  These Mechganger pieces are programmed to assemble themselves an hour after departure, hidden in the cargo bay.  After TDI Jump, the Nazi SS/terrorists will strike.  They intend to kidnap the VIPs and take the tech they are transporting, redirect the liner to another planet where they plan to rendezvous with a submarine that will take them and the cargo to a secret facility.  Once landed, the SS/terrorists will sabotage the ship so it can not take off again without major repairs.  Meanwhile, the mechagangers will remain behind, placing themselves in vital locations on the ship.  They are set to explode at those locations in 1 hour after the departure of the SS/terrorists, sinking the ship.

Steps in their plan

  • 5 hours before hi-jacking: Covertly begin to take out ship security as well as secure any individuals they deem as a threat.  (Ex: A Englishman who is actually a known member of the resistance group the SS claim to be a part of or a lady who lost her pet went looking for it in the cargo bay only to discover the assembling Mechgangers.)
  • Systematically seize the bridge, engine room and cargo hold where the Mechagangers are.  Release the mechagangers to suppress any further resistance. Over the intercom, order all passengers to their cabin and anyone found wondering will be shot by the mechagangers.
  • Find the VIPs cabin and secure them.
  • Find the Desalination Tech and secure it.

On Planet:  The SS/Terrorists disembark on a (nautical) lifeboat headed towards an island that can be seen in the distance.  If the PCs wish to follow, they can reach it not long after the terrorists do.  Give them a chance to notice the mechagangers and conclude what might happen with them, because of they leave the ship, it will sink with all hands lost. If they take the time to disarm the bombs, however, they may lose track of the terrorists.

The SS/terrorists are to rendezvous with a submarine on the other side of the island.  They wish to conceal their true nature as much as possible and being seen with a Nazi submarine would give them away (very few resistance groups have their own submarine).


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