Adventure 1: Immaculate Seduction

Adventure 1: Immaculate Seduction

This was the start of the Tharkold campaign after a few connected one shots that started the Sethifer Vs Rahweh Saga and then eventually evolved into The Corman Legacy.



After learning that the SRI is infiltrated by minios (one way or another), the PCs ally with CAUS.  In an effort to counter the actions of SRI, CAUS sends the party to the Church of Immaculate Seduction to investigate the strange occurrences there.  They explain that they are in search of the Corman device and Rebecca Stone.  They have reason to believe that clues at the Church may lead to one or the other.

Church of Immaculate Seduction – Formerly St. Peter’s Cathedral in downtown Columbus, it is now converted to night club.  It is also the headquarters of the IS gang.  The club is owned by  former nomenclatura Alysia Sophia Blackard, a sultry classy “seductress” who killed her parents and invested her inheritance into buying the old cathedral and converted it into a nightclub.  She say it was her ultimate defiance against the “the establishment.”

She is simply a misguided individual spoiled by her wealthy parents, driven psychotic by the Seduction of Tharkold.  When she killed her parents, she paid off the right judges and lawyers to get off.  She took her inheritance and invested in ways that best served her new masters – the Lords of Tharkold. She has become a the dynamic and charismatic leader of the Immaculate Seduction gang.

The Cathedral is surrounded by a large old cemetery, which now borders an industrial dump side – perfect place for festering minions.  It sites across some abandoned housing developments plus a large automated industrial planet.


About 80 members of the gang dwells with in the refurbished St. Peter’s Cathedral.  Most members have an array of cybernetics implanted by Father Razorflesh.  A majority of them can be found at the Church on the weekends, where they are corralling all the new prospects into the Church, enticing them with drugs, alcohol and more.  The Club is pretty active all week, peaking during the weekend.  The IS Gangs, as well as allied gangs, cycle through the club with drugs, alcohol and prospective members.

The PCS will encounter loud music, flashing lights and intoxicating aromas.  There is heavy intense dancing and live music.  Well-armed IS gang members can be seen around.  The club goers seem oblivious of anything going on (part of the Seduction of the Father).  Even if a fire fight starts, they will continue their revelry until broken from the Seduction or killed.


The Gang doesn’t like people hanging around outside.  The PCs can chance a recon around the Church but there is a 65% chance they get caught.  If they successfully scout the building, they will find the remains of the graveyard, overgrown and dilapidated.


The Seduction

The Gang is converting desperate runaways, addicts, and lost to servants of the Father.  When they arrive, they are shown a good time, enticed by the drugs and other stimulants.  Eventually, they are escorted to a Confessional with the promise of the “best drug around.”  The Confessionals are actually apparatuses of the Father’s corruption. A  strange mist that the victim inhales begins to transform the victim into a chaotic cyber-horror the Father wills.

His power is felt throughout, however, and drugs and alcohol make it even easier to be Seduced.  Those partaking give their entire will to him eventually and that is when they are taken to the Confessionals.


The Church is a dimensional doorway through which the Father operates. It leads to Circuit, a protodimension of Tharkold – a maelstrom of energy and fog surrounding a single floating landmass that resembles a giant circuit board.  The Doorway to Circuit can be reached through on of the special confessionals, where latter leads to a lower level.  Special cases are brought to this Confessional.    The Doorway is actually at the bottom of the latter.

Power for this Doorway is being fed from two empathic collector devices being stored in the two front towering steeples of the Cathedral.  The Doorway centers around the bottom of the latter, the anchor being the iron in the latter and the silver imbedded in the rock in the tunnel. The two empathic collectors are keyed into the intense emotional state of the club goers.

Destroy one node, and the Doorway will close one way.  Destroy both, and the Doorway will close completely.  They ar accessible from the second level catwalks above the main dance floor, up classic spiral staircases.  Each Doorway device found in the belfry is guarded by a corrupted (cybered) Rock Gargoyle.

Cybered Rock Gargoyle

STR: 8

CON: 7

AGL: 8

INT: 4

EDU: 1

CHA: 3

EMP: 7


Move: 15/25/40 (flight rates)

Skill/Dam: 7/1d6+4

Hits: 14/28

Armor: 1

Cyber Cestus +3 Damage, Spray-Trops (1d10 spray, 2 points each)

Once the gate closes, the Seduction of the Father is broken and most will disperse in a daze.  Clues in the office of the Church will lead the PCs to the next location.  They will find Rebecca in a lower level room, locked like a prisoner.  She is the source of the Dark Poem, and delivers it when it is most appropriately creepy.


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