Adventure: The War Years 3 – Alamira’Tuz Rising

Adventure: The War Years 3 – Alamira’Tuz Rising


The flagship of the [Tor’Drani homefleet] Alamira’Tuz is found entering Frontier space after it was thought lost somewhere outside of [Torani] space heading into Khalia raiding space.  This ship has been missing for months.  It strayed from its fleet into known Khalia trouble areas and was thought lost.  The ship is now entering Frontier space at sublight speed, with little to no power.  Engines are offline.

A few key things make this strange, if it did fall to a Khalia raid.

  1. No ship that has been raided by the Khalia has strayed so far (from [Torani] to Frontier space).  Usually, they are left where they are.
  2. No ship has ever been left so intact.  All ships ever raided by the Khalia have had the entire engine systems stripped.
  3. The Alamira’Tuz is the flagship of a notorious [Tor’Drani] pack – known to be loners and eccentric renegades.


The PCs can be assigned in one of multiple ways:

  1. Assigned by the UPF military to run a salvage and rescue (if any survivors) run on the ship.  Because it strayed into UPF space, they are claiming jurisdiction at the protest of the [Tor’Drani Sovereignty].
  2. Assigned by the  [Tor’Drani Sovereignty], the current flagship of the Alamira’Tuz fleet or the  [Sovereignty High Command] to beat the UPF to the ship and fly her back to Sovereignty space.
  3. Hired by a corporation with interests in salvaging whatever they can from the ship.  PCs will not be told about the UPF or Sovereignty interests.


Interested Parties 

Depending on which Pull is chose, the following are interested parties:

  • Dominion of Sovereignties:  The military arm of the  Dominion has sent a strike team to salvage the Alamira’Tuz .  Their orders are to salvage it with little to no UPF bloodshed.  If they have to, capture any UPF presence and return to Dominion space as soon as possible.
  • Alamira’Tuz Fleet Marines:  Never really recognizing the authority of the Dominion, the [Tor’Drani] of the Alamira’Tuz fleet has sent a team of elite marines to capture the ship.
  • UPF:  The UPF Land fleet has sent a team of salvage specialists to game control of the Alamira’Tuz. There orders are the same as the Dominion strike team.
  • Corporation: A known unscrupulous corporation (STREEL) has sent a team to salvage the Alamira’Tuz at all costs.
  • Pirates:  Of course, any nearby pirate band would be interested in such a find.  One called the Black Eye Bandits are in the neighborhood and arim to cause trouble.

Inter-party Conflict

The PCs will have to deal with the various other interested parties, decide who to team up with and who to eliminate.

Unstable Ultra-tech

The tech that the Alamira’Tuz [Tor’Drani] used is unstable.  The ship is fading in and out of the Void and the dimensions.  Something is out of balance.  At points during the conflicts between the factions, the ship will fade out of reality and into a new one briefly, then back to another point in Frontier or [Dominion] space.  Also, individuals (Khalia boarders, [Tor’Drani] crew)  can be seen partially phased into this reality like ghosts.

Finding the Secrets

The PCs (perhaps with help from other factions) will find the research on the ancient ultra-tech

The Dak’ri Onboard

Adding to the instability are several fully materialized Dak’ri soldiers.  They are in a state of confusion and anger, killing anything that is not Dak’ri.

Khalia Raiders

Some Khalia raiders survived and are now fully enraged.  They are now searching for a way off the ship.  The Alamira’Tuz [Tor’Drani] locked every shuttle, escape pod and lifeboat down with ultratech that Khalia don’t know how to break.  Any ship landing on the Alamira’Tuz will serve that purpose for them.


Upon arrival, externally they will see signs of an explosion that occurred in the proximity of the Alamira’Tuz. It appears that something capital size exploded near the Alamira’Tuz [The Khalia ship].

On board, the PCs will find the ship devoid of any crew, but there are signs of battle throughout.  The battles seem to have been scattered and random, as well as decidedly one sided.  Only Khalia bodies are found (no Khalia bodies have ever been recovered from a raid).


The Alamira’Tuz Secrets

The technology of the [Tor’Drani] tends to be a little higher than standard tech, because of their history and nature.  However, the [Tor’Drani] of the Alamira’Tuz are one of the more advanced clans within the [Tor’Drani].  They have had more contact with ancient ultra-tech than any of their kind. although they have not shared that fact with anyone.

The [Tor’Drani] Alamira’Tuz flagship was raided by the Khalia, however, the Alamira’Tuz wanted them to.  The [Tor’Drani] has a plan that involved newly discovered ancient ultra-tech that they hoped would be a new and ingenious way to defend against the Khalia.

Alamira’Tuz [Tor’Drani] were experimenting with dimensional travel, only discover that there is a law of equilibrium between the dimensions – what goes in one dimension, an equivalent mass must come out.  Using the ultra-tech they had found, they could choose what mass was traded between dimensions.  The [Tor’Drani] of the Alamira’Tuz found the Dak’ri (see below).  The Alamira’Tuz flagship was setup to test this theory.  Unfortunately it went drastically wrong.

Unstable Ultra-tech

The tech that the Alamira’Tuz [Tor’Drani] used is unstable.  If not gotten under control, the ship will tear itself apart.  The more mass that is brought on board, the more unstable it becomes, because equilibrium can not be reached.  In order to do that, the crew of the ship has to be rescued from the Dak’ri ship, which is also experiencing the same problem.

The PCs will find the research material on the dimensional travel device and come up with a solution to bring everything back to normal.  Between all the hostile alien encounters as well as other ultratech glitches, the PCs will have to rescue the missing crew as well as normalize the ship.

The Dak’ri 

The Dak’ri are a highly intelligent race that has evolved drastically differently than many in prime dimension – without the need for technology.  They rely heavily on biotechnology based on their own biology.  The Dak’ri are a highly xenophobic and warring species with highly advanced in bio-tech and psi-tech. The Dak’ri turned out to be a formidable opponent to the Khalia.  There highly advanced brains eliminated the need for computers.  They developed highly advanced bio weapons that literally grown out of their body.

However, they are not averse to technology.  With every species they conquer, the learn more and more about technology. They have developed various biotech ways to interface with various “hard tech” devices.