Adventurers’ Home Away from Home

Adventurers’ Home Away from Home

From: RPG Cartographers

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Adventurers’ Home Away from Home is a new d20 RPG Location Supplement from RPG Cartographers. Something new has entered the market giving us gamers a new online source for game play. This is the FCW file – otherwise known as Fast CAD file, created by Campaign Cartographer 2 and viewable by the FastCAD Fileview or the free view supplied by Pro Fantasy. RPG Cartography has started a series of map-based supplements that use this technology. These are some of the same people behind the Explorer’s Guild and their line of similar products.

From the website: “Away fade the stars, As the sun does rise, Lighting the road, We will travel by…”

Adventurers’ Home Away from Home contains details of several locations with maps and stats. Included in the ZIP file are maps and descriptions for the following: Goldenhaven Inn, some Stables, The Stag & Raven Boarding House/Tavern, Innkeep Residence, and Bear’s Skull Tavern.

Included in the PDF are the descriptions of the above locations, as well as some rules for a common game of chance played in these locations called Murder of Crows. The maps are well done, using the brilliance of Pro Fantasy CC2 software. The locations are well-fleshed out and populated with several useful NPCs. Most of the PDF is made up of either black-and-white versions of the color maps or NPC stats.

Some art is just clipart obtained from various sources, and some of the original art is somewhat lacking but acceptable. The layout is well done, if not a little ink heavy for your printer. The CC2 maps are well done and very detailed.

In conclusion, this is a decent amount of handy locations for any GM to have. It can be worked in any campaign and would be an impressive addition to the campaign. The maps are very cool.

For more details on RPG Cartographers and their new d20 RPG Location Supplement “Adventurers’ Home Away from Home” check them out at their website

Adventurers’ Home Away from Home

From:RPG Cartographers

Type of Game:d20 RPG Location Supplement

Writtenby Anna M. Dobritt

Editingby Anna M. Dobritt

Cartographyby Anna M. Dobritt

Layoutby Anna M. Dobritt

Artwork: V. Shane APE # 2, 4, 7, Publisher’s Assistant

Clip Art 1 by P.I.G.

Some artworkcopyright Paul Daly, used with permission.

Some artworkfrom Fantasy Filler Art copyright Rick Hershey, All Rights Reserved.

Number of Pages:38

Game Components Included:one PDF and several FCW files

Retail Price:$ 1.50 (US)

Reviewed by: Ron McClung