Aing Tii Monks

Aing Tii Monks

Alien Species long thought to have contributed to the “ghost ship” legend of the Kathol Outback, they are extremely xenophobic and extremely anti-slavery.

The Aing-Tii have a different view of the Force. Not in terms of Jedi or Dark Jedi—of black and white, as it were—but in a way I like to think of as a full-color rainbow.―Jorj Car’das


The Aing-Tii were a secretive species of alien monks who hailed from a world within the Kathol Rift and resided near that area of space. Many members of the species were Force-sensitive; these were the only Aing-Tii who ever left their planet, traveling about the Rift in large, organic starships and using advanced weaponry to destroy those who opposed them. The Aing-Tii were very reclusive; they often used violence to dissuade outsiders from probing too far into their business, although a report based on a crashed Aing-Tii ship provided the galaxy with some details on their culture. Their belief system held that all events were not necessarily predetermined, but rather “guided.” Unlike the Jedi or Sith, the Aing-Tii held that the Force had neither a light nor a dark side, but was full of many colors, like a rainbow.

The Aing-Tii monks only ever left their territories to attack slavers; they believed slavery to be a great evil and were relentless in their persecution of those who thrived from it. The Jedi Order learned of the Aing-Tii at some point, and several years before the Battle of Yavin, the Jedi Master Yoda sent a smuggler named Jorj Car’das to visit the monks so that he could be healed. Car’das spent many years with the Aing-Tii, and his reports on them eventually found their way into the archives of the New Jedi Order. Jacen Solo spent several years learning from the Aing-Tii after the Yuuzhan Vong War; his and Car’das’s reports were compiled by Tionne Solusar and printed sometime after 130 ABY, though Solo kept much of what he had learned about the monks a secret. However, when Jedi Luke Skywalker and his son Ben visited the Aing-Tii in 43 ABY, they discovered many details about what Solo had learned and how it had caused his fall to the dark side.

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