Alien RPG: Chariot of the Gods (MACE 2021)

Alien RPG: Chariot of the Gods (MACE 2021)

Date: November 12, 2021

Full table of great players, this group was insanely fun.

In the playtest, I connected my laptop up to a larger screen monitor and used it to display a youtube video I downloaded of ambient Alien ship noise. When the ship went into self destruct, I used the warning video found on youtube too (see below)

This gave the real feel of the setting.

To solve my Stress counter problem, I crafted from old Heroclix bases some counters.

For the issue of skills and their associated attribute, I made a form fillable PDF character sheet and created one per character. Yea, that was a lot of work.

The adventure has basically three acts and the last one involves a new ship and crew. This part did not go as the adventure planned in this game. When the third ship arrives and the new crew boarded, two original crew boarded the new ship and left everyone else behind to be killed by the raging monsters. It was quite a epic ending.

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