Alien Species: The Rel, the Tav, & The Iag

Alien Species: The Rel, the Tav, & The Iag

*Note: When points are added to an ability as a pair, such as in STR/STA +5, this means that 5 points may be manipulated between the two, but not 5 added to both. For example, you may decide you want, 4 pt. to go toward STA to make your character more hearty with the left over point going to STR. The player has the option on how these points will be disbursed among those two attributes. The same rule applies for race disadvantages as well (e.g. don’t take 20 pt. from a Tav’s INT and LOG both; rather, take a total of 20 pt. out of the attributes combined.)


The Rel are a species of intelligent plants capable of locomotion. Their movement rate is equal to the Dralasites. Their INT/LOG scores should be modified +5 due to their calm, intellectual demeanor. Their STR/STA should also be given a +5 due to their physiological makeup. The downside of being a Rel is that they are not very agile or dexterous or fast. Thus, their RS score should be modified downward by -15 and their DEX by -10. The Rel have the unique position of having four arms (branches), but all four are required to maintain even their lowered DEX.

The Rel resemble walking trees. They grow about 1/3 of a meter for every 5 years of their lives. PC Rel should range from 4 ft to 8 ft tall. They do have leaves and can subsist off sunlight and water.

Fruit Production-Rel characters may bear fruit which can be used for food for 1 PC for 1 day. Their culture does not view the consumption of picked fruit as murder. Only after the fruit has dropped naturally from its parent, is it considered in gestation by the Rel. Fruit may be produced at the rate of the Rel’s STA divided by 10 per week. Rel produce fruit continually and are not limited to a certain season.

The Rel keep a container of soil from their homeworld with them at all times to sleep in. Their roots (feet) may, however, find nutrients in many alien soils just as well. In general, Rel PCs would be a rarity as this race likes to relax and contemplate science and the arts rather than jaunt about the stars.


The Tav are a race of sentient mammals resembling bears. They are physically massive and most Alliance equipment will be difficult or impossible for them to operate. These bear-like beings are quite curious and could easily be converted to a life of adventuring among the stars. However, their backward world knows little of technology and as a result, the Tav are useless in the operation of most machinery. They do have ‘hand’s and must declare handedness. Males and females are considered equal in their society. Their movement rates coincide with humans.

The Tav, in essence, are awesome melee fighters. They are +5 on STR/STA and their DEX/RS scores should also be given a +5 edge. As mentioned before, though, the Tav are not very bright, technologically

or otherwise. They are penalized with a -20 on their INT/LOG based on this fact.

The Tav have a tribal society and live as hunter/gatherers on their world. They have only Stone Age equipment such as clubs and spears as weapons. They are also highly superstitious and like the Barbarians of the AD&D world, will sometimes take a notion to destroy a particular piece of ‘magic’ they deem dangerous.

Loyalty Combat Bonus-While hostile to their enemies, the Tav are renowned for their loyalty to friends. When protecting a loved one, Tav are accorded a +5 to hit with melee weapons due to their determination to protect their friend(s).

Despite their lack of intelligence, the Tav can speak PanGalactic and can usually be reasoned with after some difficulty. Tavs may be either male or female and they do require handedness.

The Iag

Native to the swampy homeworld of the Saurian race covered in one issue of Dragon magazine, the Iag are a group of intelligent, flying amphibians. Resembling frogs with bat wings, the tiny Iag are rapid learners of great dexterity.

Although they come from an until recently primitive world, the Iag have quickly caught on to technology and its many uses. They are naturally inquisitive and their keen minds earn them +5 on INT/LOG scores. In addition, their dexterous hands and nimble bodies earn them +5 on the DEX/RS scores. Their small size and amphibian bodies also earn them a penalty. They are not very strong or possessing a high stamina, thus their STR/STA scores are deducted by -20. Their movement rates are equivalent to the Vrusk.

Flight-Because they do have wings, the Iag are capable of flight. They can only fly for one turn, however, due to their lack of stamina. During that turn, the distance they cover equals 1.5 that covered had the Iag been running at his fastest.

Technicians and any other job requiring nimble fingers and minds are perfect for the Iag. Some of them escaped their homeworld’s destruction, as did the Saurians, by way of giant escape ships. These roughly 4 ft high frog-bats are good-natured and mischievous. Their antics could be the source of many a campaign twist. They are handed and possess males and females of the species. They are individuals and place great emphasis on the value of the lone person’s contribution.

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