Alien: Starwolves (Kalvessan) (True20)

Alien: Starwolves (Kalvessan) (True20)

Ability Adjustments: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity

Bonus Feats: Endurance, Tireless

Favored Feats: Tough, Diehard

Natural armor: +3 to Toughness.

Extra Limbs (2 extra arms): All four arms can act independently, giving the Starwolves an extra attack.

Speed: Starwolves move 40 ft per turn normally.

Scent: Starwolves have the Scent ability.

High Metabolism: A Starwolf consumes a large amount of food and water to keep up with their high metabolism.

Iron-based Bone Structure: Their extra dense bone structure gives them the bonuses to Strength and Toughness, but also contribute to their spatial sense.

High-G Adaption: Starwolves do not suffer from high-G environments as well as high-G turns in combat.

Gravitational/Spacial Sense: Because of their physiological makeup, a Starwolf can sense micro-shifts in gravity around them as well as large changes in gravity at relative large distances.  This makes the Starwolves nearly impossible to surprise on a personal level as well as an interstellar level.

Level Adjustment: +2


Starwolves are a genetically engineered races of humanoid creatures specifically bread for space travel and space combat.  They appear like short, stocky humanoids with two extra pair of arms.  They are very strong and very fast.  Their speed is only rivaled by their brute strength.  All four arms are equally as power and can operate independently.

They were created by an ancient race called the Aldessan of Valtyrs and their primary language is the Aldessan native language, Tresdyland.  Their technology is all based on the advanced technology of their ancient creators. Their massive carriers hold several dozen squadrons of fighters, called Packs.  The artificial intelligence of the Kalvessan carriers are the finest creations of the Aldessan.

With an iron-based bones structure, they were designed to withstand high levels of G forces while piloting their fighters.

They also have a strange sixth sense while in space.  They can sense when something is dropping out of Drive Space, several minutes before it actually does and while dog-fighting in space, they are able to sense all the ships around them with in a certain range.

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