Alternate Victory Points system v1

Alternate Victory Points system v1

(Under Construction)

Skill Level define the number of dice you role.

Characteristic is the base value added to the dice.

You have your Standard set of Ability Scores which FS calls Characteristics ( a value of 1 – 10). That’s your base value. Your skill level is the number of d20 dice you are going to roll to a maximum of 5.  For every Skill Level above 5, the player may make a re-roll once.

The dice explode on a ’20’ but only if the player spends a Wyrd for each die he wish to explode.

In the end you have a die value you total, either from the highest total. That value is added to the base to get a final value.

The difference between the difficulty and the total would be used to get your victory points, either through a one to one conversion or a table (so we can still call it a victory point system).

Wyrd points can also be spent to get more dice.

Very easy (10)
Easy (15)
Average (20)
Tough (25)
Challenging (30)
Formidable (35)
Heroic (40)
Nearly impossible (45)


Exceed the Difficulty by  Victory Points/Victory Dice*
0-2  1/+0
3-6  1/+1
7-9  2/+2
10-12  3/+3
13-15  4/+4
16-18  5/+5
19-21  6/+6
+3 +1

Average 10.5 on a d20

Original Victory Point tables


Modifier Task  Example
+2 Natural Singing a well-known song
+4  Easy  Seducing someone already ?in the mood?
+6  Piece of cake  Recognizing a world famous celebrity
+8  Child?s play  Walking and chewing gum at the same time listing the Church?s
Virtues and Sins
+10  Effortless  Striking a bound and helpless foe


Modifier  Task  Example
-2  Hard  Long range for firearm, seeing in moonlit darkness
-4  Demanding  Maximum range for firearm, performing two actions per turn,
seeing through fog or smoke
-6  Tough  Performing three actions per turn; hanging onto a speeding,
veering vehicle, seeing in near or total darkness
-8  Severe  Climbing a sheer rock face with no equipment
-10  Herculean  Striking a bullseye at 100 yards while blindfolded

Victory Chart

Successes  Victory Points/Victory Dice*  Accomplishment
1-2  1/+0  Barely satisfactory
3-5  1/+1  Mediocre
6-8  2/+2  Pretty good
9-11  3/+3  Good job
12-14  4/+4  Excellent
15-17  5/+5  Brilliant
18-20  6/+6  Virtuoso performance
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