Sessions 1.01 – 1.03: And So it Begins…

Sessions 1.01 – 1.03: And So it Begins…

Dates: 10/25/2008 to 12/6/2008

Where: Babylon 5, Levanna IV Beta

The two mercenaries groups, diminished in numbers, make their way to Babylon 5 through their own means. One makes a deal with raiders to supply weapons, only to find their drop off point destroyed. The other was escorted a Centauri noble to Ragesh 3 only to discover it attacked by Narn warships.

Both end up at B5, stranded there for several months. They work general labor until they can find a solid merc job. Enter into Kiron Jaddo’s bar one Roland Anderson.

Mr. Anderson has a need for several capable people. Kiron just so happened to know 2 or 3, and as it turned out they knew a couple more. The two mercenaries unwitting became the candidates for Mr. Anderson’s tests. After all, he had to know if they were reliable.


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