Sessions 38: Bannokburn. Trees Fall Silent

Sessions 38: Bannokburn. Trees Fall Silent

Dates: 4/26/2008

Where: Bannokburn

The group arrives at Bannokburn, only to witness a cataclysmic event that causes most like on Bannukburn to vanish.

The key to the problem is found in the ancient monolith on a lake island. Suffering from unintended consequences, the group discovers that the Highbreed did obtain a version of the artifact – the one they sent out as a decoy. Because It was not the right one, the effects of the monolith went haywire.

In the end, the monolith is revealed to be a personal planet-bound Gate – a secret that could collapse the balance of power in the Known Realm. A crystalline entity inadvertently got across to the other side, and the players followed.

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