Species: Dark One
Type:  Extra Dimensional Being
Origin: Uknown

Strength * Empathy *
Constitution * Initiative *
Agility * Move *
Intelligence * Skill/Dam *
Education * Hits *
Charisma * Appear 1

* – Baphomet is a fallen Dark Lord or something equivalent.  His stats are immeasurable. 

Documented Notes

The Deconstructed One.  The Living Idol.  He is the heart of the Nightbreed, He who made Midian, the Unbaptizer.  His orgins are unknown to most and his connection to the older Breed is even more mysterious.

Add-ins Dark Conspiracy Tie-Ins & Elaborations

Baphomet is a mystery to everyone.  But in truth, he was once a powerful Dark Lord, who has fallen in battle against his enemy Dark Lords.  At one time, there was a dimension, much likes Earth’s, and all the Dark Lords fought over it.  Baphomet, who had discovered the dimension, tried to keep it for himself.  The War that ensued destroyed the dimension and the nearly destroyed Baphomet.  

Baphomet now is a protector of the unforgiven and the rejected.  He shelters the rejected and forgotten Minions, and the freaks of Man.  In all reality, he’s slowly building his own army of minions, as he regains his strength, to avenge his defeat.  

Natural Weapons/Abilities


Supernatural Weapons/Abilities



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