Grendel and the Blackstar

Grendel and the Blackstar

Very few were actually aware of what exactly happened at the Rimmas Incident, when a Torpedo Sphere exploded as a result of a powerful and dark Sith ritual that went wrong.  However, even fewer knew the end result.  Lurking in the swirling shadows of the Rimmas Nebula outside of the Reena Providence is a Blackstar.  Its true nature is unknown to most, but many that do know of its existence believe it is a nexus of Dark Force power.

This new anomaly has disrupted the space lanes in that area, including the secret route leading out of the system, that only Reena knew of and was using in conjunction with Xixor Transports Systems.

The Blackstar has recently “given birth” to a planet – Grendel – that now orbits it.  This planet was formed around the same time as the destruction of the “Mythic Storm,” a freighter that was attempting to pass through this region before it was destroyed.

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