Baron Ignatious Pyre

Baron Ignatious Pyre

House Cadriaan Human Baron. Played by Matt H.

Quote:”I’m sure we can reach an agreement where both of us will prosper.

Pyre is a Baron in House Cadriaan. Though he is a noble by birth, he has bought his title in Cadriaan. He has negotiated many contracts and deals for Cadriaan as well as other houses and occasionally the Empire. He is known for not letting his personal view interfere with his negotiations. He exudes a confidence that sometimes is unnerving to his opponents as if he knows what the next move will be. Ignatious is a mover and a shaker in Tapani politics. He often surrounds himself in controversy for both his tendency to work for the highest bidder and that his most trusted confidant and bodyguard is from a rival house, House Calipsa.

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