Baron Jacob Juandaastas

Baron Jacob Juandaastas

Human (as human as any Juandaastas can be) Occultist: Psychic, Drunkard

Loyal to House Juandaastas, House Hawkwood (Bill Barrier)

Taken from a dark place hidden in the bowels of one of the Church’s special penitent hospitals, his abilities have far outreached what he can do in his waking hours. He drinks to suppress the visions only to make the appear more.

Twenty+ Questions to Jacob


What is your species?


Are you a traditionalist to your alien heritage?



What is your gender?


What is your sexuality?



What is your planet of birth?

Planet that family has major holdings on

Did you ever live on another planet? 

Yes, several planets in service to the family.


What defined your childhood?

Learning of powers and the need for hiding them from others

Who were your parents?

Lord Jericho and Lady Rabinna Juandaastas


What defined your adolescence?

Having few friends for fear of mental powers being discovered

Who were your friends?

A few children of nobles in the family, but none outside of family

Social Background

What is your social background?


How wealthy was your family?

Very wealthy

Did you grow up in urban or rural area?

Urban with trips to the country

Were you born serf, freeman or noble?


Occult Powers

Do you have occult powers?


When did you discover them?


How did you discover them?

Was invited to a meeting with father to begin training for house duties and saw a weird glow coming from the jacket of one the members of the other party.  This turned out to be a bugging device that had been planted on the diplomat by a rival trying to find out information on the meeting.

Who taught them to you?


What is your stigma/stigmata?

Eyes turn a silver color when using powers.


What is your profession?

Troubleshooter and bug detector for family members

Why did you become this?

Powers led me and for the protection of the family

Have you wanted to be anything else?



What are your religious convictions?


How strongly do you adhere to them?


Have you ever been interested in other faiths?  


Have you ever changed faiths?


Are you superstitious or rational?


Do demons exist?

I believe they do, but I have not seen one.  There are personnel demons, but this comes from my urge.


What is your own conviction of yourself?

Family comes first.

Are you destined for greatness?


Do things always work your way?



What is your opinion on technology?

More the better

Is the church a good arbitrator on technology?


Did the Second Republic fall because of Hubris?



What is your opinion of politics?

Used for the benefit of the house.  Needed to keep order.

Do you love the Emperor?


Do you look up to your liege lord(s)?

Yes (father)

Would you defend your homeland?



What religion/sect do you follow?


What is your opinion of the Church?

Needed to keep the masses in line, however they are meddlesome to the houses and the ruling class.

What does your religion think of you?

Openly, okay, but if they find out about my powers would seek to control me.

How devout a practitioner are you?

Sunday church


Does money motivate you?


What do you think of the League?

Needed for the economy of the empire


What are your long term objectives?

Protection of the family by learning more powers to use for their benefit

Medium and short term?

Learn either Turning or Cloaking powers.  Survival,


What are your leisure activities?

Drinking and watching vids

What would you do with a lot of money?

Build a secret school that could train family members in the use of powers for the benefit of the house.


What sort of first impression do you give?

Young noble still trying to learn his way in the world, sometimes a drunken noble sod depending on the situation.


What is your attitude on love?

Love is a tool used to further family goals.  May find a true love one day but not actively looking for it.

What is your attitude on romance?

Needed only in the pursuit of favors

What is your attitude on marriage?

True love is best, but most commonly used for political gain

Who is your ideal mate? 

Lovely lady that can further family goals


What are you most proud about (on a personal level) in life?

Protecting father from an assignation attempt by locating a concealed blaster at a party he was attending.


What are you most ashamed about (on a personal level) in life?

Being caught drunk in a public bar at 21 and causing a fight with folks from out of town.


Who do you most admire?  Grandfather (For use of his powers in defense and benefit of the family)


Have you turned out the way your family/faction expected them to?



Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done?


What would happen if you did?  N/A


What’s the worst thing that’s happened in your life?

Death of grandfather in an “accident”

What did you learn from it?

Never trust the church in any action


Who is your best friend?


How did you meet?

At school, roommates

What do you like about this person?

Both develop psychic powers and use them for the defense of the house.  His powers developed more to the physical side.  We both served the house in our manor.  Occasionally working has a team when the situation permits.


What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone? Why?

A student at school planted hidden microphones around the campus for purposes of spying on fellow students.  Marcus and I turned him in.  We did this because his actions proved to us he did not have the house in mind.  Turned out later, he was from another family sent in as a spy.


What would you like it to say on your tombstone?

He served the house.


What are you most afraid of?

Church discovering my powers and taking me away


What’s the most important thing in your life? (What do you value the most?)

Defending and helping the family

Self Image

What do you like best about yourself? (Also least)

I like my dedication to the house and hate my drinking but understand it is the method I have to use to keep my urge down.


What do you like best about the other characters? (Also least)

Don’t know at this time


How do you feel about life right now?

Some mistrust of house members on previous of planet because they turned me over to church.  At this time I will not go back to that planet to help them out.  Only one member of the church has any trust from my and that is “Fisher” because he removed the marks from me and healed problems caused there to.  Worried about the drawing of pictures when urge takes over and wondering if I could find a way to use them to benefit house and myself.

What, if anything, would you like to change?

Nothing right now

Are you lying to yourself about something? What is it?



What do you think of humanity?

Is it doomed? Is there redemption? Who cares?  Humanity as a whole is not in trouble.  Individual actions determine a person’s fate.  These actions taken as a whole will up lift humanity or bring about its fall.

Drama – What do you think is causing the suns to fade?

Actions from an outside power.  Same power driving the symbiots forward.

Jacob Juandaastas and the Rooks

(The following will have taken place prior to the big gathering/dinner/ball at the end of last session)

While on Leminkainen, Jacob has gained considerable attention from the Rooks, the Hawkwood intelligence organization.  They put him through several trials to determine his abilities and assigned him to several minor duties involving listening-device and android detection.

One person of interest that Jacob found was a man named Aaron Von Skylov.  He identifies himself as an Engineer who works closely with Decados cartels, but Jacob’s senses told him that Skylov was something more.  There was energy flowing through his body that no man should have.  It could only have been cybernetics, but the level of tech behind cyber this undetectable by the naked eye is usually unavailable and proscribed by the Church.

Alerting his superiors of this man, they investigated further into him and found links to the underground movement called the Cyber-Evolutionaries, a radical group of people who believe the next stage in evolution is through body modification and cybernetics.  However, his cover-story is also true, as he does work closely with Gentech, one of Decados’ corporate cartels.

But he had no connection to the group of Decados visiting Leminkainen and it appeared that he requested to be on this trip.

The Rooks want to know more about this guy and what he is doing.  They assigned Jacob to him, asking Jacob not to reveal himself to him and simply watch where he goes and what he does and report back.  His orders were specifically not to impede his actions unless deemed a threat to Hawkwood.

(The following will have taken place during and after  to the big gathering/dinner/ball at the end of last session)

While at the large reception held by the Duke for the return of his son and in part for the Decados, Skylov wandered about, watching the crowd and apparently talking to himself.  Towards the end of the evening when the scuffle occurred between a Hawkwood knight and Decados noble, Jacob’s colleague Braduk left the room to meet some fellow Ukari.  Jacob and his other party members followed Braduk, knowing only bad could come of this meeting, but were too late.  Braduk was taken by some demon cult.

While the others attempted to give chase with the cult, Jacob noticed someone in the shadows near where Braduk was taken.  Visually, Jacob could not tell who it was, but using his extra-sensory skills, he was able to tell it was Skylov.  He had been watching and did nothing.

Jacob attempted to confront him, but before he could reach Skylov, he was gone.  There was a blinding flash of EM interference and then nothing.  There was trace EM all over the walls and floor where he was standing but no sign of him.

While the group went after Braduk, Jacob chose to chase down Skylov.  Something about him being there bothered him.

Tracking him proved to be easier than Jacob thought because like a hunting kanine, once Jacob’s abilities have a scent, it is hard to shake.  It was early in the morning when Jacob picked up Skylov trail again, after searching through nearly half the Hawkwood Grikor Gubernatorial manor (at least the areas he was allowed to go).  Whatever Skylov used to vanish released a lot of energy and it was leaving trail only Jacob could see.

The trail led to the small church on the grounds of the manor, used by the family and the staff for confessional and small ceremonies.  There, he observed Skylov visiting the resident Almthean priest.  There was definitely an exchange of theurgic energies rom the priest to Skylov as the Almathean apparently healed him.

Later, an Orthodox priest arrived and the two spoke at length in a private room.

After leaving the church, he proceeded back to the manor where he went to his room.  After waiting several hours, Jacob tried used his senses to find Skylov.  He was no longer in the room.  Jacob resumed his search through out the manor.

His senses took him close to an area he normally could not access, guarded by to very large intimidating Hawkwood guards.  However, using his Rook authority, he was able to get passed them, and into one of the many Think-machine Computer Cores of the manor.  Alerting the guards, the three of them went into the room Jacob sensed Skylov would be.

There he stood, with several cyber-tendrils emanating from his body, connecting to various ports.  At the same moment he realized Jacob and the guards were there, the guards raised their rifles.  There were several bright flashes and before Jacob could conjure up another power to stop him, he was gone.  Immediately after, the computer core shut down and all the lights power to the surrounding rooms drained out completely.

From then on out, Skylov was a wanted man.  Strangely, it took only hours to have him in custody.  He did not appear well.  He needed medical treatment badly.  They summoned an Almathean who healed him while in a Rook cell.

Skylov would not speak to anyone but Jacob.  The Rooks turned to Jacob to get Skylov’s story.

Skylov claimed to be an agent of the Cyber-Evolutionaries and they mean no harm to Hawkwood.  His assignment is to hunt down a rogue Cyber-Evolutionary named Jase Reiger otherwise known as the Avatar.  This man was deemed a risk to the order, dealing in technology that not even the Cyber-Evolutionaries approved of.  No one knows where the Avatar gained access to this technology and part of Skylov’s secondary objectives is to find out where.

His investigation lead him to a man named Dr. Brice Caramon-Dextrite, a scientist of House Dextrite who sometimes works with the Order of Engineers.  In his search, Skylov found the doctor’s name in records as far back as mid-Symbiot Wars (over 80 years ago) , dealing with experimental war technologies and bioengineering, as well as alien tech.  These records were hard to get and well hidden but the Engineers and allies of the Avatar.

The Avatar, apparently with the help of Dr. Brice and some other faction, have formed a sub-sect of Cyber-Evolutionaries, using this strange new technology.  This sub-sect has many names, but the one that appears most is Technomage.


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