Battle for Destiny Game

Battle for Destiny Game

Base Game

4 Sets of Cards, 6 Eight Sided Dice. Object of the game: One lead dragon must reach the middle.

battlefordestiny1Phases of the Game

(1) Draw Cards – Each dragon lead draws a card for each sub-ordinate.  Cards determine advantages and disadvantages in the game.  Each lead draws a card (free) for each subordinate.  At this time, the Dark side can take Dark Fiat or and the Light can take a Light Fiat.  Each Fiat, a player may choose 1 or 2 more cards at a cost post power.

(2) Subordinates Roll Power – Initiative minus fiat.  Each Subordinate rolls a 8 sided dice.

(3) Attack

(4) Move Determination

Expansion Board

3 ten sided dice, 3 sets of cards.



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