Battle for Oz: The Wind Wardens

Battle for Oz: The Wind Wardens

The Wind Wardens

The Rangers of the North

The Trackless Lands are a dangerous and wondrous place.  It is a place notorious for being difficult to navigate.  Many who dare trek these lands are commonly lost, never to be found again.  Stories of ghosts, evil plains beasts and magical gateways stem from these plains.  The nomads that roam the Trackless Lands natively understand and can navigate them but tend to keep that secret to themselves.  The key to the secrets behind the Trackless Plans is the magical Winds.

During her reign, Princess Ozma commissioned a special team of rangers – the Wind Wardens – to be guides to those that wished to travel them.  These specially talented and trained rangers developed a six sense for the Winds and used their Magical nature to traverse the plains.

The Wind Wardens have since been disbanded as they were seen as loyal to the princess, and hide in various towns along the edge of the plains, hiring out their skills to the highest bidder.  They are hunted by Ozymandias as they remain loyal to the princess.

The Wind Wardens draw primarily from the Birdmen of Gillikin.  Not all Birdmen are Wind Wardens and not all Wind Wardens are Birdmen.  They are an obscure group and hard to contact but usually show up when most needed.

Despite all efforts to stay loyal to the queen, however, a small faction unbeknownst to Silas has grown with the Wind Warden ranks that have shifted loyalties and are serving Ozymandias.

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