Battlestar Galactica: What it has turned into?

Battlestar Galactica: What it has turned into?

I have been very unhappy with the direction of what could have been a great show – the new Battlestar Galactica.  For the past whole season, I have come to the end of each episode complete dissatisfied and asking myself “what the heck did I just watch?”  I have been trying to figure this out and really force myself to get into this plot but I really can’t.  And then I have to figure out why.

In this show, there is a lot of focus on drama, obviously.  The source of that drama varies, but they switch between the 90210-who’s-loving-who type drama to the political drama in the Quorum.  I could care less who is loving who, to be honest and when they spent 3 episodes on Starbuck and that love triangle, they almost lost me.  The only episode I have enjoyed thus far has been the escape from Caprica 2 episode.  Since then, it has simply drug on with this religious/anti-religious undertone, interpersonal drama between characters I have always had a hard time caring about, and this whole mystery of who is and who is not a Cylon.  Sometimes they catch my brief interest when they bring in the Quorum politics but there is not enough of that to even say it is good.

This central theme of this season is what happened to Earth and this whole revelation that there were Cylons among the humans.  Of course, that’s brings out racial tensions and parallels with modern day… yada yada yada… I DON’T CARE!  They need to give me more than they have for me to give a hoot about this Cylon plot.  So the Cylons are intermixed with humans and they have said this all has happened before.  So maybe this is not the first generation of Cylons and the 12 Colonies were actually colonized by the first Cylons, escaping the original humans that made them.  So they are ALL Cylons.  Or they are a mixture of Cylons and their human sympathizers.  And that’s what this scorched “Earth” is all about.  That’s where the Humans and the first gen Cylons originated.  I kind of see that coming.  Give me something more to sink my teeth into because I really need more plot than that.

They simply have not given me enough of a reason to care about the plot.  Nothing about the plot has grabs me.  Maybe it is too much angst.  I do not mind a little angst but this show has way too much.  It has taken a very cool concept from a 70s show and totally made it boring and drab.  This show is barely sci-fi.  It is alike a soap opera with sci-fi dressing on it.  I will keep watching it hoping that something more will come of it and if it doesn’t, I can be glad that it is the last season.  Hopefully, Caprica will be better.

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