SFBT 03: Battletech Combat in Star Frontiers

BTechHit Location


(2d10) Left Side Front/Rear Right Side
2. L Torso C. Torso R. Torso
3 Left Leg Right Arm Right Leg
4 Left Arm Right Arm Right Arm
5 Left Arm Right Leg Right Arm
6 Left Leg Right Torso Right Leg
7 Left Torso C. Torso Right Torso
8 C. Torso Left Torso C. Torso
9 Left Torso C. Torso Right Torso
10 C. Torso Left Torso C. Torso
11 Left Torso C. Torso Right Torso
12 Right Torso Left Leg Left Torso
13 Right Torso Left Leg Left Torso
14-16 Right Torso Left Leg Left Torso
17 Right Arm Left Arm Left Arm
18 Right Leg Left Arm Left Leg
19 Head Head Head
20 Head* Head* Head*

* Automatic Critical Hit, roll 2d6 on the Critical Hit Effect table

Armor Values

Each battlemech has an Initial Penetration Value (IPV) and a Structural Point value (Str. Pts.) The IPV is the numerical value of the amount of damage a single shot must cause to penetrate the armor and cause damage internally. The Structural Points are the total amount of damage the armor can take before it is rendered useless.

Penetration and Remaining Damage Energy

When a shot has enough power to penetrate the armor, the IPV is subtracted from the total damage amount and the difference is Remaining Damage Energy (RDE). RDE is applied to internal damage. (see damage tables)

Weapon Armor Values

Each weapon has an Armor Value. If a Location which holds a weapon is hit, there is a chance the weapon is hit. This percentage also applied to Jump Jets and other equipment.

Weapon Hit Percentage Table

Head 20%
Left/Right Torso 35%
Center Torso 25%
Left/Right Arm 55%
Left/Right Leg 50%

If a Weapon is damage beyond its armor value, the weapon is destroyed. When a missile rack is hit, the missiles loaded (if any) explode. Treat as a critical hit.

Ammo Hits

Ammo hits are determined differently. Because the ammo is usually place behind the IPV value of the armor, the ammo hit is determined after the IPV value is applied. There is a 20% chance that an ammo area in that location is hit. Treat the RDE hit as a Critical hit.

Battlemechs and Screens

All mechs can have mech versions of personal screens and have an limited supply of energy, based on the mech type.

Light Mech 10 hits
Medium Mech 20 hits
Heavy Mech 25 hits

Internal Damage and Critical Hits

Internal Damage is determined by adding the RDE/10 to a 2d10 roll and consulting the location internal damage table. Each location has a table.

Head Hit

2-12 Damaged Targeting system (-20 or -2 CS to hit)
13-20 Damage to life support (-10 or -1 CS to hit)
21-29 Damage to Guidance System (Cruise Speed-50%, Top Speed-50%)
30+ Critical Hit

Torso (Left, Right, Center) Hit

2-10 10% mech over heats (-10 or -1CS to hit)
11-15 40% mech over heats (-20 or -2CS to hit)
16-20 Adjacent limb mechanism damaged (-20 or -2CS to hit). If center torso hit, both limbs mechanism damaged (-30 or -3CS to hit)
21-25 Gyro Hit (-30 or -3CS to hit)
26-29 Gyro Hit (-40 or -4CS to hit)
30+ Critical hit

Arm (Right, Left) Hit

2-12 Targeting system lightly damaged (-15 or -1CS to hit)
13-20 Targeting system heavily damaged (-25 or -2CS to hit)
21-29 Arm Actuator Hit (-35 or -3CS to hit)
30+ Critical

Leg (Right, Left) Hit

2-12 Hip hit (cruise speed-60%, top speed-60%)
13-20 Movement hit (cruise speed-70%, top speed-70%)
21-29 Leg Actuator Hit (cruise speed-80%, top speed-80%)
30+ Critical Hit

Critical hits are hits which might disable the mech permanently. There are different critical hits for each location. First roll on the Critical Hit Effect table and then consult the location Critical Hit table.

Critical Hit Effect

2d6 roll Critical Hit Effect Table
2-7 No Effect
8-9 Roll 1 Critical Hit
10-11 Roll 2 Critical Hits
12 Limb blown off or 3 Critical hits

Critical Hits: Head (1d6)

1-2 Life Support – pilot dies in 1d6 turns
3-4 Sensors- Mech’s weapons cannot be fired
5-6 Cockpit – Head explodes, pilot dies

Critical Hits: Arm (1d6)

1 Shoulder joint freezes, any weapon on that side cannot be used.
2-3 Upper Arm Actuator, part of the arm freezes. -50 or -5CS to hit
4-5 Lower Arm Actuator, part of the arm freezes. -40 or -4CS to hit
6 Hand Actuator, no hand weapons can be fired

Critical Hits: Torso (1d6)

1-2 Joint Actuators hit. -60 or -6CS to hit
3-4 Gyro Hit. -70 or -7CS to hit
5 Damage Heat Transfer System. Full Mech Shutdown
6 Engine Hit. Mech Explodes

Critical Hits: Leg (1d6)

1 Hip hit. Leg Freeze. Mech Stops
2-3 Upper Leg Actuator. Leg Freezes. All Speeds-90%
4-5 Lower Leg Actuator. Leg Freezes. All Speeds-95%
6 Gyro Hit. 85% fall chance.
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