Verpine Technician, Played by Ed S.

After the Mission was over

Bifzik returned to the Core to work for the New Republic on cleaning up the Imperials “black projects”.


Background of Bifzik, Verpine Technician
Bifzik was born in the Roche belt, but for some reason was immediately put up for adoption. His adopted parent was a musician, and a war hero from the Clone Wars.

In his childhood, Bifzik grew a reputation for being a tinkerer, even among Verpine. The young Bifzik regularly rummaged through refuse dumps for interesting bits of broken machinery and twisted metal.  An asteroid collision killed Bifzik’s father when Bifzik was 10 years old. He was taken in by the asteroid governor, the patron of his late father. The governor encouraged his talents in robotics, paving his way towards a local technical university.

Once, while searching for interesting bits out on the surface of his asteroid, he was witness to a very unusual event. A capsule smashed into the asteroid nearby. As he moved closer, he saw a black glow coming from a large crack in the capsule. The glow coalesced into a form that he felt with his mind more than saw with his eyes. It emitted a indescribable noise, and said a single word “Free”. The creature looked around for a moment, then accelerated into hyperspace. He has never seen it again.

Bifzik stood blankly in shock and terror for a moment, then he realized there might be interesting stuff in the remains of the capsule. He brought it home.

Almost all the complex parts were completely destroyed, but Bifzik was able to salvage enough parts to combine with what he had to make a small droid. The droid brain came from a secondary processor in the capsule. It was completely wiped, but Bifzik was able to reprogram it. The droid was generally humanoid in shape, roughly the size of a monkey, and one of his friends told him, “Oh, look, you made a human.” They all laughed at the joke, but Bifzik thought it would be a good name for the new droid. He has kept the droid with him ever since, constantly upgrading its parts whenever possible.

One day (Approx -2 yr ANH) the Imperial sector governor made a tour of the belt. With him was Imperial Army General Mohc. He made a casual request for the services of Bifzik, with the understanding that there was no such word as “no” to the Empire.

Bifzik was taken from his home to a secret asteroid facility (The Maw Installation) where he was formally trained in robotics by the Empire. He assisted in the design of a new line of robotic line soldiers, a possible replacement for Stormtroopers. Two years later, these Dark Troopers were ready, and the whole operation was loaded into a custom-designed cruiser, the ArkHammer. Just before the Dark Troopers were to go into full production, the ArkHammer was invaded. Rumor says it was only a single operative, but whoever did it, crippled the ArkHammer and totally destroyed all the Dark Trooper information and materials. Bifzik and Human escaped, but Bifzik was seriously wounded. His right arm was severed just below the elbow, and one of his antennae was severed. He has since had both replaced by cybernetics.

Since then, Bifzik and Human have wandered from job to job, planet to planet.

They finally ended up on Kai’Shebbol. Moff Sarne was quick to recognise Bifzik’s talent and “acquired” him. He ended up working on minor tangents pertaining to a new type of alien technology. When Page’s forces assaulted the planet, Bifzik and Human locked themselves in a closet and watched the action through security cameras.

Bifzik ended up on the Far Star strictly because of his technical skills.

Character notes:

The replacement antenna is natural looking, and allows boosted RF transmission on both Verpine & Comlink bands. It also contains a neural-link CAST.

The hand is obviously bionic, and contains a small toolset in one finger, a cutting laser in another, and a computer link in a third finger.

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