Black Dust Industries

Black Dust Industries

Socorran Corporation. Coalition of “legitimate” companies controlled by a man called “The Boss”, and has significant shares of Boliscon Towers, a third of Ethra Brewery, and rumored links to the Nefali settlement and the Black Bha’lir. It also owns the Black Dust Tavern and acts as the security force on Socorro.

From Wookiepedia…

Black Dust Industries was a holding company owned by the retired smuggler Karl Mathieu Ancher on Socorro. The coalition held shares in the Black Dust Tavern, Boliscon Towers, and Ethra Brewery. In addition to these holdings, Black Dust Industries owned massive shares of land on Neftali and settlement donations from the Black Bha’lir. An association of legitimate businesses, Black Dust Industries was somewhat of a minority on Socorro.

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