Blood of Shadows Plot Summary

Blood of Shadows Plot Summary


Jason Din’alt – Species: Human. Former Baron of Pelagia, now wondering gambler  (Chris Jarrett). 

Maeth Drakka – Species: Human. Pilot and Space Explorer (Bill Barrier)

Gustav Greydrake of the Pelagia Holdings – Species: Human. Ambassador’s Assistant (John Reavis)

Baron Joseph Slavak – Species: Human. Young Apprentice Diplomat for House Pelagia (Chris Fisher)

Kelphus Starian – Species: Human. Space Transport Specialist & Bounty Hunter (Matt Holmquist)
Who’s in trouble now? Fine, but there had better be some money involved.”


Ala’jian Hejaran – Baron Hejaran’s son and heir.  It appears that there is something very special about this boy.

Baron Lucian Hejaran – Father to Ala’jain, was assumed killed on the “Mythic Storm” when it was lost in the Rimmas Nebula.  He is actually immortal. He arranged for someone else to go after his son, using is last will and testament as the motivation for that person (Din’alt).  He is following the group along, helping occasionally and remaining in the shadows.

Bregan Sorad – “Kidnapper” of Ala’jain Hejaran.  Treasure hunter and smuggler

Kena Beyard – Wife to Bregan Sorad, and sister to Starian’s daughter’s mother.  She is a fellow treasure hunter and skilled thief.

Grey Mandrakor – Cultist, artist from Alderaan.  He is a suspected member of the dark dragon cults.  However, his motivations seem to lean to something even more sinister – in service of the Chaos side of the Force.

Mexil’Lek the Verpine (dead) – An underground “mad scientist” who was known to dabble in arcane sciences. Died on Barghest.

Angaran Solm (dead) – Inquisitor assigned to the Tapani sector, witness to the resurrection of the 4 Warriors, and this is probably why he died.  Slightly reptilian near-human male. Died on Barghest.

Alequarus Dorn (dead) – Inquisitor assigned to the Tapani sector, witness to the resurrection of the 4 Warriors, and this is probably why she died.  White haired near-human female. Died on Barghest.

Gex the Rodian (dead) – Crewmember from the “Mythic Storm” that should have died.  Survived because the essence of The Judge (now corrupt with Chaos) found his body prior to his death and occupied it. Died on Barghest.  The Judge’s lifeforce was subsequently released into the 4 Warriors.

The Judge – Former Mecrosa assassin turned Sith Lord.  He was the primary cause of the Rimmas Incident.  His lifeforce was preserved in the darkness of the Blackstar.

Lord Xenthos Calamand – House Melantha candidate for High Chancellor of the High Council of Procopia.  He apparently is from a bloodline originating from Camille.  Hejaran tried to get him not to run but was unsuccessful.

Lady Kamri Lorelos – House Barnaba candidate for High Chancellor of the High Council of Procopia.  Apparently a dark side Force User of some kind and perhaps connected to the Cults in some way.  She is suspected as the power behind the Tara’Nak cult.

The Four Warriors

Master Agon – Master of Un-Creation and De-Construction.  The Chaos Corruptor.  Leader of the Four.

Master Scythe –Master of Death & Assassination, Stealth & Shadow.  The Death Sculptor.  Assassin for the Four.

Master Mechanor – Master of Destruction & War, Weapons & Wounds.  The War Conductor.  Fighter for the Four.

Mistress Lucidique –Mistress of Dark Seduction & Pleasurable Death. The Sensual Torturer. Seductress for the Four.

Cult of Tara’Nak – A cult that considers itself a sanctuary for those that feel they need it in this time of oppression and uncertainty.  They promise that all members “will ascend to Tara’Nak,” a paradise made for them by “the gods.”  Their leaders are aware of the Blackstar and the Dark world that orbits it and sees it as a sign of “Tara’Nak.”  In reality, they serve Dark side dragons and have sinister plans for their members.  This is the most powerful and influential cult.

Banigor Mor’Tan –High Priest of the Cult of Tara’Nak.  Attempting to lure Slavak to the Dark Side.

Haskin Dronar (dead) – Master Jedi who has watched for the signs of the coming “secret war” since he was born 200 years ago.  Allied with an Ithorian Monks order.  Died on Pelagon, after an assassination attempt by Chaos.

Ambassador Clearheart – Old and wise, from Basilisk.  Knows of the coming war and wants nothing more than to save Basilisk from possible doom.

Shayla Ghostwing – Betrayer.  A cult agent placed with new Basilisk delegation to cause it to fail.  She is a master of deception and assassination.

Zel Soldak – Cult leader for another fringe cult.  Has claimed his position from his predecessor by proving he is Immortal and can not die.  Working against the True Gorda.  He was a Gorda Candidate.  His last name is also associated with the leader of the Cult armies on Basilisk that are invading Camille.

Duke Bresh Norak-Von – Sorad’s contact on Pelagon who was investigating the destination of the Red Bacta, who was using it and what for.

Dane Hedrus – Leader of the SeaGhosts smuggling ring  Also heir to the second bloodline of Din’alt.

The SeaGhosts – The group that is rumored to be the primary smuggler of the Red Bacta into Pelagon.

Lord Bornog Byrum – High Priest of the Soldak Cult.  Was the last person the Duke Norak-Vons saw before he disappeared.

Sabathina – Joseph Slavak’s betrothed.  She turned out to be a Cult assassin.

Gugorra the Hutt – Starian’s “boss”, known spice smuggling king-pin with in the Tapani Sector


POLITICAL STALEMATES & VYING FOR POWER: The Tapani High Council is torn after the Rimmas Incident in which Mecetti was ripped apart by internal strife (among other things).  Following this, alliances changed, putting a dead even vote in the High Council for anything important.  Once the High Chancellor was found dead, as a result of an apparent suicide, the vote for the new Chancellor was going to be a challenge for Tapani High Council and its people.  It didn’t help that the Imperials were threatening to take over the region if a decision wasn’t made soon, with the underlying innuendo that the Imperials better like the candidate.

With the High Council vote locked dead even, the political power now lies with the minor houses vying for recognition – two of which are the houses that arose out of the ashes of Mecetti: House Leobund (loyal to the original High Lord of Mecetti) and House Garadorn (loyal to Lord Garadorn and his anti-Jedi/anti-Sith Mecrosa factions).  Also there is a rumor of an unknown house vying for power.

And then there are the Lost Holdings of Pelagia – a secret region of space that only now is returning to the folds of the Tapani sector.  House Pelagia’s motivations to re-instate the “Lost Holdings” under its wings were clear.  Due to recent Political upheaval in the Tapani sector, Pelagia’s primary enemy house, Mecetti was virtually destroyed, and it was time for Pelagia to return as the rival house to Melantha.  It needed more holdings to gain power.  The Lost Holdings “went into hiding” after the “Purge of Pelagia”, an attack by rival houses to Purge the Tapani sector of the Pelagia Jedi.  These Holdings would bolster Pelagia’s power within Tapani.  However, some holdings have remained hidden long enough that they have diverged from the Pelagia traditions, so diplomatic negotiations must occur.

It is not well known to many in the Pelagia regions that there is political strife that is brewing in the Lost Holdings.  Cult influence for the surging dragon cults as well as jealousy of neighboring systems has created strong tension in the region that is boiling at a high rate.

THE CULTS:  The dragon cults have also been a concern to all as well.  The Cults have not only infested the Tapani region, but are suddenly very violently active.  Most of this violence was attributed to the actions of one individual.  Currently, there are two named cults involved with the party – Tara’Nak and Soldak.

The Cults were recently united under one doctrine after the “crowning” of the Gorda.  They all follow the doctrine of Tara’Nak now.

THE BLACKSTAR: Very few were actually aware of what exactly happened at the Rimmas Incident, when a Torpedo Sphere exploded as a result of a powerful and dark Sith ritual that went wrong.  However, even fewer knew the end result.  Lurking in the swirling shadows of the Rimmas Nebula outside of the Reena Providence is a Blackstar.  Its true nature is unknown to most, but many that do know of its existence believe it is a nexus of Dark Force power.

This new anomaly has disrupted the space lanes in that area, including the secret route leading out of the system, that only Reena knew of and was using in conjunction with Xixor Transports Systems.

The Blackstar has recently “given birth” to a planet that now orbits it.  This planet was formed around the same time as the destruction of the “Mythic Storm,” a freighter that was attempting to pass through this region before it was destroyed.

PULL: Each member of the group was invited or associated with someone invited to a reading of a former Mecetti Baron’s will to take place at Castle Hejaran on Nightsinger’s Orb in Pella system in the former Mecetti regions of Tapani. Once there, they find out that they are there to hear the reading of a will of one Baron Lucian Hejaran, who has apparently died in a terrible starship explosion out in the Rimmas Nebula.  It was a strange gathering of unlikely witnesses to the reading. Through an interesting turn of events, the entire estate of Hejaran was left to one of his old gambling associates, Jason Din’alt, a former Baron of Pelagia who squandered his family estates away in gambling. Hejaran, in fact, won much of Din’alt’s family holdings in games they played together.  The group knew there was more to this story and investigated further.

PUSH: Through investigations, it turns out that Hejaran has a second secret will. This will was for Din’alt only. If Din’alt and any associates he chooses could find Hejaran’s heir, then the title and holdings can pass on to the heir.  Din’alt could take his family holdings back and hand over everything else to the heir.  Din’alt was already feeling the target painted in his back by the remaining Hejaran family, who were angered that nothing was left to them. He was ready to do anything to shed the Hejaran portion of this inheritance.  The secret will said that a treasure hunter and smuggler named Bregan Sorad kidnapped his son.

The search for the boy began…

PRIMARY PLOT LINES: To follow is the list of names associated to the plots that arose from the search for the boy:

  • The Boy & The Cults – In their search for the boy, the group investigates the reasons why the Cults are also interested in the boy, why the kid was kidnapped in the first place, and the true nature of Hejaran and his bloodline.
  • The Red Bacta – Overlapped with search of the boy, is this strange substance being smuggled in under the guise of spice.  This is somehow related to the Cults and their activities.
  • The Secrets of Camille – In their investigation, the group stumbles across many immortals that have infiltrated with Tapani, some of which are misusing their “power” for evil, while other are simply unaware of their nature.  The Secret of Camille Immortality must be protected.
  • Chaos Rising – Hidden among all of this is the sinister plot of some cultists who seek a darker side than just what their Sith brothers have tapped – the power of the Chaos Side.

SIGNIFICANT PLACES & EVENTS: (In Chronological Order)

ESCAPE FROM PELLA:  While still on Nightsinger’s Orb in Pella system, and dealing with the problems surrounding the controversial will of Hejaran, the Inquisition paid a visit.  Two inquisitors – Angaran Solm & Alequarus Dorn – proved to be quite unwelcome guests.  After freeing Drakka and Starian from the torture chambers of the Inquisition, the group narrowly escaped.

SHADOWPORT OF BIANCO: The first place the players went was a shadow port just outside the Tapani region, on a lesser-known planet called Danju.  This was thought to be the best place to lie low after the narrow escape from Pella and the Inquisition.  While Kelphis Starian went on the hunt for Sorad, the rest had their own encounters.  Gustav Greydrake and Joseph Slavak got their first exposure to the Cult of Tara’Nak.  They traced Sorad’s tracks to a ship leaving for Alderaan.  While there, they received the news of the Senate being disbanded.  Also, they were witness to a Rebel Alliance rally deep in the underground of Port Bianco, and stopped an assassination attempt on Mon Mothma.

When leaving, they were witness to a large Imperial invasion force heading towards the Freeworld region.  When they left, they took on a very important passenger – a refugee from the Senate looking for passage to Alderaan, Senator Garm Bel Iblis.

ALDERAAN ESCAPE: The search for Sorad lead the group to Alderaan, where they found his trail leading to the ancient castle-cities of the extinct alien race called the Killiks .  Sorad was apparently using a “mad-scientist” Verpine, Mexil’Lek, for some unknown purpose.  This Verpine was experimenting in the genetic memory of the Killiks, to find out what secrets they held and perhaps resurrect the species.  Sorad had an interest in one particular secret.

However, through a calamity of events, the group escaped without Sorad just before the Death Star arrived and destroyed Alderaan. Sorad also escaped, helping the group first before leaving the region.

JOURNEY TO TALLAAN: Taking on several passengers, including Mexil’Lek at the request of Starian’s “employer” and several Alderaanian survivors including a dark figure named Grey Mandrakor.  They took Mexil’Lek to where he needed to go – which turned out to be an Imperial Star Destroyer – and then landed on Tallaan. At Tallaan, many political plots unfolded.

As part of their visit on TALLAAN, they were involved in much of the Freeworld politics.  While there, they were able to save the life of Lord Calamand from an assassination attempt, and get more involved with the Cult activity. Also while there, the group meets Kena Beyard, an older friend of Starian’s.

They all were invited to a grand ball and while there, were caught up in a JAN attack and ended up saving Lord Calamand and many others.  During all this action, Kena Beyard turns out to be more than she came across at first.  She weaseled her way into getting invited to the ball, and while everyone else was distracted, broke into the secret Barnaba Museum beneath the facility and “acquired” an artifact called the Dragon’s Blood Goblet.

PIRATING SMUGGLERS: Sorad was proving to be not the kidnapper he was painted to be. He worked with one in the party to help with his efforts to protect the child from the Cults that seem to be hunting him down. He knew their plans for the boy were not good.  As part of this effort, he needed something and the party were just the people to do it.  Sorad was lead to believe that a special “spice” being smuggled in was related to why Ala’jian was being hunted.  Through this person in the party, he arranged for the players to pirate this smuggled “spice” from some smugglers.  It was unfortunate for Starian that these smugglers were in the employ of Gugorra The Hutt.

After some difficulty, the party was able to acquire two container of the substance.  However, it seemed to have strange properties, especially effecting those “of talent” in the group.  Upon inspection, it turns out that the substance was like no spice they had ever seen. It was later nicknamed “Red Bacta”.  The source and use of this Red Bacta was a mystery.

While en-route, they had a stop over on Mrlsst for refueling. It is a torn planet, heavily occupied by Imperial forces.

THE HIDDEN MONISTARY OF HERGLICS: En-route back from the Smuggling route, they laid low in an asteroid field, in what they thought was an old Pirate Shadow Port.  It turned out to be occupied by a group of Herglic monks, lead by Ithorian priests – the Order of Arin’Shel.  They proved to be very insightful into the mystical meaning of their mission and the overall motivations of the Cults that are trying to stop them.  Their visit was interrupted when huge dragonoid-like creatures attacked it.  They barely escaped with their lives.

BARGHEST AND THE SUMMONING OF THE FOUR: At some point, the group got information that said the Ambassador, captured by the Imperial Inquisition on Pella, was still alive and was being kept on a secret Inquisition prison world somewhere in the Freeworld region.  Investigating this, the group was lead to a dark ancient mining world called Lamrin-4, also known as Barghest, somewhere in the less-traveled regions of the Freeworlds.  In there attempt to rescue the Ambassador from the Dark-side clutches of the Inquisition, the group found hundreds of captors digging for something in the old mines of the planet – Something that scared the original Herglic miner away thousands of years ago.

By the time the party had gotten to Barghest, what they were digging for was apparently found – 4 ancient coffin-like boxes.  These boxes became the center of a strange ceremony.  Present at this ceremony were the two Inquisitors, the “mad-scientist” Mexil’Lek and his dark Sith science/magics, and Dex, a Rodian that wasn’t supposed to be alive but was actually the vessel in which the Judge, an power Sith Lord thought-dead, returned to this world.  Through a dark and evil ceremony that involved the sacrifice of all that were captured, the four caskets were opened.  Using technology supplied by Mexil’Lek, the Life energies were funneled, along with the energies of the Judge stored in Dex, into the caskets.  The 4 Warriors of Chaos arose from the Caskets.

They rescued the Ambassador as well as the captured Kena Beyard.  Both were mentally traumatized by the experience on Barghest.

HOMECOMING AT PELAGON & PELAGIAN JEDI SECRETS:  While at Tallaan after returning from Barghest, they find out that Sorad was missing.  Sorad was investigating the origins of the “Red Bacta”, the substance actually being smuggled in under the guise of smuggled spice.  He apparently learned something from the samples the group acquired and got in over his head.  Kena Beyard found his last notes, which showed that he had traced the shipments to Pelagon and had a contact on the Pelagian Capitol world named Duke Bresh Norak-Von.

The group set out to Pelagon, in the Pelagia Province.  En-route, Slavak receives a message that he is betrothed to a woman from Basilisk named Sabathina.  On Pelagon, Slavak’s aopted family warmly greets them. They are also greeted with many assassination attempts on Slavak, politics of a house vying for power while attempting to get over it’s own internal strife, and a water-world recovering from a planetary bombardment that occurred several decades ago.

Finding Duke Norak-Von proved to be more a task than expected.  He was also reported missing, but through the Pelagia underground, it didn’t take Starian long to acquire his scent.  His journey led them to where the “Red Bacta” is being smuggled into on Pelagon and who is involved in that smuggling.

Din’alt returned to his family estate and started the process of reestablishing his family name within Pelagia.  Upon investigating his family’s past, which he knew very little about, Din’alt found that there were strong relations between the Din’alt, Slavak and Hejaran families within Pelagia before the Purge.  This alliance was setup for one reason – the protection of Draconic Holocron.  The Holocron was lost decades ago. According to what the party was able to find out, it was said to have been brought to Tor’Lah, a city now lost since the Purge of Pelagon.

Now, many of the Cults that have arisen around the Tapani sector seek the City of Tor’Lah, perhaps to find that Holocron, which they may see as some sacred artifact.

SECRETS OF HEJARAN: As part of Din’alt’s research into Hejaran work to find his son, Din’alt revealed he found several key things.  First Hejaran tried to get Calamand to stop his candidacy for High Chancellor, but didn’t explain why.  Further investigation hinted that Calamand may have been from Pelagia bloodline originating from Camille – possible immortal.  Secondly, there had been a string of disappearances throughout the Tapani Sector, and Hejaran was able to link a majority of those disappearances to a Bloodline originating from Camille.

THE HUNT ON DARK WORLD:  At one point, while on Pelagon, Slavak is told he is the Tara’Nak’s candidate for something called the Gorda – which is apparently a high-ranking position with in the Cult.  However, the many cults that have recently arisen also have the right to have a candidate also. This is all in accordance to a prophecy of unification among the cults.  The Trials of Gorda was set up to determine the “True Gorda”.

The group, Din’alt and Greydrake lead by Slavak, arrived to the Temple of Tar’Nak and were transported by airspeeder to a far-off abandoned city platform.  There, they were lead along with a group of other “contestants” down to a cavern deep within the island the city-platform was attached to.  They found themselves inside an stone area-like cavern in the middle of which was a large stone archway that seem to just grow out of the floor.  This was the Gateway to where the trials were to take place.  Their assignment – hunt down the Garnesh.

This hunt took place in a world of total darkness.  But it was a jungle world – of black and gray plants and trees.  The bizarre setting for a hunt of something they knew nothing about was a challenge like no other.  They were witness to the true nature of the world that orbited the Blackstar, the “nursery of darkness” and the Chaos that was infecting it.

The hunt was met with great peril and challenges, facing young stellar dragons and their egg fields.  They were told the “true Gorda” would lead them to Garnesh.  Slavak lead them to a dark desert of chaotic power, a nexus of Un-Force, where a swirling pool of blackness rose up alive and attacked them revealing it to be the “birthing pool” of Chaotic dragons.  At the same time, the Gorda candidate Soldak attacked Slavak.  The battle ended with Soldak disappearing and primordial ooze of Chaotic power vanquished by the power of the True Gorda and his hunting power.  Returned through the gateway and was crowned the True Gorda – assigned to destroy all signs of Chaos that might corrupt the cults plans.

While on the Dark World, the group stumbled across some of the wreckage of the “Mythic Storm”. While Din’alt and Greydrake, and Slavak were away, Starian and Drakka were away tracking the Duke and his activities investigating the Red Bacta.

THE CULTS & THE CEREMONY OF ASCENSION:  Slavak revealed that his cult is planning a ceremony that he has determined will take place on the Dark world.  Through his investigation into this ceremony, life energies of the “ascended” will join with “the gods” and bring forth a new age of “utopia” for all.  Interpreted, this meant that many will be sacrificed to bring forth the dark-side stellar dragons.  However, something was missing from the texts he was referencing with in the Cult library (accessible now because he was the Gorda).  Something about the ceremony didn’t seem complete and the cult didn’t seem to know about it.

Using his authority as Gorda, he assigned a researcher to look into the discrepancies.  What he found brought everything together.  If a certain child – a very special child – is “ascended” at the same time, then the gods will be of a “different plain of existence” – that of Chaos.  It seems that hidden among the Dark-side cults are elements of Chaos seeking to corrupt the ceremony to bring forth something worse than Dark side.

PELAGON: SEAGHOSTS & THE RED BACTA: The search for Red Bacta followed the path of Duke Norak-Von.  His path clashed with many cult assassins, dangerous smugglers and slavers.  Apparently, the Red Bacta was being smuggled onto Pelagon through a group called the SeaGhosts, a enigmatic smuggler group with great skill to disappear.

Following this path almost got Starian and Drakka killed, as the people they chased got wind of their pursuers.  Traps were set, and quick disposal was arranged through slavers, but the group came through intact.

Their next destination was Palorax, a mysterious island on Pelagon where a missile struck during the attack decades ago.  This was the apparent base of the SeaGhosts and where they hope to find answers to many of their questions.

PELAGIA SECRETS: Palorax Island was awash in mystery.  Slavak found data on Palorax , from the archives of the Slavak family libray: Palorax – also known as Casanil Island

Located in the southwest hemisphere of Pelagon in the middle of no where, this island was a secret Jedi research base. But it was no normal research base.  The Casanil base was built to study the dark side and perhaps find a link in genetics to see if someone is predisposed to the Darkside.  The facility was a black project that few in the council knew about, because it incorporated live test subjects.  Many of the Pelagia enemies (including early Mecrosa assassins) were not in fact killed in action as reported, but captured and stored here.

The Pelagia Jedi don’t talk about their past a lot, but for a time, they were plagued by a dark side faction similar to the Sith calling themselves the Tharak.  The Tharak were ruthless and evil, but also particularly psychopathic.  The Pelagia Jedi at the time hunted as many as they could down, and instead of killing them, stored them at a secret holding and research facility  called Casanil Island.  Many of the Pelagian Jedi Council thought it cruel to kill the Tharak.  All “residences” of Casanil Detention Facility were stored in stasis until needed.

The missile strike on the island was a mystery.  No one is exactly sure who fired it, but since then, that area has been a black hole to any sensor net.  It was later renamed Palorax.

It is rumored that there is some of the underground facility left, and perhaps still some artifacts that survived still stored there.

The party devised a plan to infiltrate the remains of the facility, based on what they had determined what was left it.  They used knowledge of where the Red Bacta was being smuggled in to sneak in Starian, Slavak, and Din’alt. Drakka and Greydrake went in using a Slavak sub (designed specifically for trips to this island because Lord Slavak was involved in the original project).

On Palorax, the group witnessed the “meeting of the minds” of the conspiracy.  Present were the following:

  • High Inquisitor Tremayne – He apparently was there taking a leadership role, bring a small contingent of Stormtroopers.
  • Lady :Lorelos – Apparently postponing any campaign visits for this meeting, the Lady is apparently the funds behind the dark Cults and their activities.
  • Lord Soldak – Representative from Basilisk or possibly Camille, and leader of the other cult factions, he is also apparently involved in War on Camille. The refugee leaders from Basilisk said that the leader of the rebel-cult factions was also named Soldak.  He is in search of the Lost Drak-Holocron at Tor’Lah.  His ships were apparently bringing in other cargo from Camilla – immortals in stasis – to be dipped in Red Bacta and shipped to Tor’Lah.
  • Shayla Ghostwing – Once trusted advisor to the Ambassador, now proven assassin and liar, she was obviously seduced by the dark cults on Basilisk.
  • Dane Hedrus – Leader of the Smuggling and slaver ring that is responsible for the Red Bacta shipments.

Doing all the works was former cult members who tried to leave the cult but now are enslaved to do the bidding of this Council of Evil.

One of their goals upon arriving was to find Kena Beyard.  They did just before she was to be interrogated by the expert of interrogations – Tremayne.

Along with this success, they were able to free some slaves, who armed themselves and started a revolt.  As this blazed on, the group was able to disguise themselves as slavers and get aboard a shipment of “processed” Red Bacta” and ride it to it’s destination – Tor’Lah.

On the way over, the road the same sub/ship that Hedrus took.  At one point, Din’alt was able to mentally read Hedrus’s thoughts about the Holocron.  First, he knew the location and had planned to tell soldak when it best served him.  Second, there was something about the location that required Hedrus to be there – he was the Key.

The mysteries of Tor’lah awaited.

…to be continued…

Kelphis Starian
Captain & Owner of the “Freeman Demise”
Transport Specialist & Bounty Hunter
Honorary knight of Garadorn & Barnaba


(daughter) – Conceived in an night of passion, she was raised by her mother with occasional visits from her father.  When her mother died, he became responsible, but before he could claim her, Gugorra the Hutt’s cronies kidnapped her.  Gugorra the Hutt held her as part of a deal with Starian, using it as his motivation to work for him and make the Hutt money.

Kierra Beyard (dead) – smuggler and con-artist.  Died when a routine legal cargo transfer went wrong, destroying her ship. Kelphis has always harbored the notion that his wife’s death may have not been an accident.

Kena Beyard (see above) – Has hidden feelings that it was Starian’s fault that her sister died.

Gugorra the Hutt – (see above) kidnapped Starian’s daughter to force him to work for him.

Kradan Bag’Lar – “Vigo” of the Black Sun.  He developed a strong vendetta against Starian. After Starian’s daughter was captured, Gugorra forced Starian to turn over some of Bag’Lar’s more profitable routes and work exclusively for the Hutt.  Information has recently arisen about Bag’Lar that might bring Starian some leverage against him.

Stl’eren Keeb (dead) – “Messenger” from Bag’Lar who wanted to “talk”.  He apparently had some inside information that Starian would have been interested in.  However, Keeb and his associates were killed on Port Bianco, Danju.

Lady Varin Arabella of Barnaba – Young Lady that hosted the Grand Ball on Tallaan.  Considers Starian a hero for saving her and her guests from the JAN terrorists.

Lord Xenthos Calamand (see above) – Saved his life twice.  Calamand trusts Starian and is a close contact for him.


INITIAL PLOT HOOK:  Starian was roped in through a series of unfortunate events.  He and his ship, the “Freeman’s Demise” was stuck on Tallaan, caught in a bind with the docking authorities. His employer, Gugorra the Hutt, had left him high and dry in the spaceport with out docking fees.  He needed to get a paying job to get him out.  Lucky for him, an Ambassador and a local noble had need of transport into Mecetti space.  He didn’t traditionally take on passengers, unless they were accompanying cargo or they were prisoners awaiting bounty collection, but since he had a need, and they had the cash, he made an exception.

NOT A REBEL FRIEND: At one time, Starian was involved with a growing rebellious cell of fighter pilots in the region (prior to the Rebel Alliance Treaty).  When his daughter was kidnapped, things changed. In his attempts to get his daughter back, the rebels he was working with refused to help in.  In his rage, he used his bounty hunter contacts and turned in a few of the rebels.  The local rebel cells know of him and consider him a traitor.  Since then, Starian has worked with the Empire, simply because the money was good.

PELLA HERO:  While on Pella, Starian saved the life of the Themion Hejaran and foiled a dark plot hatched by Lady Brigta Hejaran, which earned him an honorary title of Knight with in Garadorn.

THE BOY & HIS DAUGHTER: Once he found out about the true nature of the Will of Hejaran, Starian felt compelled to find this lost boy. What he didn’t know was just how close it would bring him to his own child.

TALLAAN HERO: While on Tallaan, Starian became the hero again when he saved Lord Calamand from an assassination attempt and then lead the rescue attempt when JAN terrorists assaulted the Grand Ball and took hostages.

BAG’LAR AND THE BLACK SUN: Starian double-crossed Bag’lar years ago, and the self-proclaimed “Vigo” of the Black Sun hasn’t forgotten.  However, new information acquired from Sorad indicates that “Baggie” has gone outside the Black Sun to make a little profit.  While the Black Sun is struggling to regain footage in the Tapani region, Bag’lar used his resources to arrange a smuggling run of special “spice”, behind the backs of Hutts who already had established smuggling routes in the system. Bag’lar is in fact using smuggling route that belong Gugorra the Hutt.  These routes are intended to be decoys for the real spice Gugorra was smuggling, but Bag’lar arranged for the real routes to be targeted by authorities while his special “spice” gets through. It is known who is supplying the special “spice” shipments.

THE FORGOTTEN MISTAKES:  While searching for the Red Bacta, Starian and Drakka followed the path of Duke Norak-Von to an abandoned city platform where they expected to find a hidden smuggler stronghold.  What they found was a trap. Hordes of mutated draconic creatures attacked them.  Drakka escaped.  Starian did not.  He was captured and knocked out.  Upon awakening, he realized that these creatures – some kind of mutated mistakes of some dark process – needed him to help them escape the city.  There was a trap, but it wasn’t them.  It was an explosive set to dispose of the “mistakes” and an equally pressing problem – Starian himself.  Because of their mutations, they were unable to open a sealed door that would lead to the way out.  Starian helped them escape, and they helped him try to return to his comrades.  They vowed to all retun the favor when he needed them.

His return was interrupted by a group of mercs who were sent to sweep-up after the explosion.  These mercs sold Starian to slavers.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) someone else was keeping tabs on the slaveer underground also – Gugorra the Hutt.  Gugorra later bought him out of slavery.

GUGORRA THE HUTT & BUSINESS: Gugorra holds his daughter hostage while Starian does his dirty work.  The motivation behind this is unknown, but like many Hutts, few know his motivations.  Some would just say that the Hutt likes to have a puppet he can control.

Recently, Starian supplied Gugorra with the information about Bag’lar and his smuggling scheme.  Gugorra saw it fit to release Starian’s daughter to the bounty hunter, but not completely.  While the Hutt verified the information, he forced Starian’s daughter to wear an explosive slave collar.

INFORMATION CONFIRMED & A GIFT:  Prior to leaving for Palorax, Starian had a scare when the collar around his daughter’s necks starts beeping.  After several minutes of this, it finally dropped off, with a recorded laugh of a Hutt emanating from it.  Inside was a gift – the true information behind his daughter’s mother’s death.  Apparently it was  a case of mistaken identity in as assassination attempt.  She was mistaken for her sister and the assassin was none other than Dane Hedrus.

Gustav Greydrake
Warrior Monk of Draconic Assembly & Harak’Nor
Assistant & Student to Ambassador Clearheart of Basilisk


Ambassador Clearheart & Shayla Ghostwing (see above)

The Drake (see background)

The Broken Sword – An anti-Mecrosa organization working in the interest of Pelagia, they are an order of honorable Pelagia Knights

Haskin Dronar (dead/see above)

Draconic Assembly (see background)


INITIAL PLOT HOOK:  Greydrake came to the Tapani sector from the “Lost Holdings” as part of a delegation to meet with House Pelagia.  Along with Ambassador Clearheart and his assistant, Shayla Ghostwing, they came to the Tapani sector with the intent in meeting with Lord Gren Slavak’s son, a young diplomat named Joseph who was to work out a treaty between Greydrake’s home world, Basilisk, and House Pelagia.

Hidden Lost Holdings is the secret of Camille, a planet with in the Lost Holdings.  Camille holds a dark secret that few only know.  Basilisk knows this secret and more, but Camille is unaware of this.  On this world, those that stay for an extended period of time, gain a certain quality about them – they become virtually immortal.  Greydrake himself knows of this secret and is assigned by secret powers with in the political structure of Basilisk to find out just how much of that secret has leaked into the Tapani sector.  It’s very important to many that this secret does not get out.

The dragon cults have also been a concern to Basilisk. They are also affecting things on his home world.

Once Greydrake and the delegation arrived in the Tapani sector, the accompanied Baron Joseph Slavak to a meeting in former-Mecetti region of space.  Slavak was invited to a reading of a will at Castle Hejaran, a former Mecetti lord.  The Ambassador was apparently familiar with the name and requested to join the baron.

Hiring out a Starship captain/bounty hunter, Kelphis Starian, and his pilot, Maeth Drakka, who both were needed a job, most of the party was formed.

Gustav and the Ambassador grew further interested in Hejaran and his Will when they were able to determine that the Baron could be the one responsible for the increased cult activities.  Apparently, he might have stirred up trouble while searching for something, maybe his son.

GREYDRAKE: WARRIOR-MONK of HARAK’NOR:  As eluded to above, Greydrake is responsible for protecting the Secret of Camille, assigned by Draconic Assembly of Basilisk to do so at all costs.  Harak’Nor is Baslisk theory of the Triad of Force – Light, Dark and Chaos (anti-Force), and that Light and Dark are just two opposing sides of Order.  Much of their training is based around the belief in higher Force-based beings that are the embodiment of Harak’Nor – the Stellar Dragons.

AMBASSADOR BETRAYED & TAKEN:  While at the Castle, the Imperial Inquisition paid a visit, and in the end, the Ambassasdor sacrificed himself so the others could escape.  He was captured and taken away by 2 Inquisitors – Angaran Solm & Alequarus Dorn.  It became apparent to Greydrake that his assistant, Ghostwing, was responsible for the Inquisitors’ sudden appearance.

AMBASSADOR RETURNED: On a dark planet called Barghest deep with the ever-changing nebulas of the Freeworld region, the group found the Ambassador.  The Dragon Cults captured him along with Kena Beyard.  They were brought to the shattered planet of Barghest as part of the dark Sith ceremony.

MENTOR TO SLAVAK: As Greydrake as spent time with the young and impressionable Jedi-in-training Joseph Slavak, he has watched him get deeply involved with the Cult of Tara’Nak with deep concern.  A master who has confided in Greydrake and understand much, asked him to watch Slavak and help him along the proper path.  However, core to his beliefs is the ability for one to choose his own.  But the dark path that Slavak is taking is leading to something even darker than anyone ever imagined.  And only Greydrake knows this.

BASILISK AT WAR: The Cults have arisen on Basilisk to start a civil war against ruling body of Basilisk.  The Civil war collapses the government and the Cults take power.  The Cults then follow this up with an invasion of their neighboring system, Camille.  Now Basilisk and Camille are at war and the ruling body of Basilisk is in exile.

The latest word from the war is that the leader of the cult-rebels has established concentration camps for Camillites, for some unknown purpose.

RED BACTA & CAMILLE IMMORTALS IN TAPANI: The Red Bacta is somehow connected to the Immortals of Camille, and is being used in some sinister process to create Drakaresh, dragon-warriors for the Dark.

Maeth Drakka
Pilot and Engineer of the “Freeman’s Demise”
Former Crewman of the “Mythic Storm”


Dex the Rodian – (see above)

The Drakka Family of Camille – There is very little known about the Drakka family, except that they were part of Pelagia at one point in time, originating from the Colony world Camille (which is now part of the Lost Holdings)

Gugorra the Hutt – (see above)


INITIAL PLOT HOOK:  As the Pilot of the “Freeman’s Demise”, Drakka has always taken pride in his abilities to pilot … at least as far back as he can remember.  Which isn’t very much since he can only remember as far back as when Starian found him floating in space, in an escape pod.  When they took on the new passenger and suddenly became a shuttle service, Drakka wasn’t sure if Starian was the same person.  However, bounty hunting for Gugorra had dried up, and they needed the money.

RETURNING HOME OR STUCK IN TAPANI?: Drakka vaguely remembers that he is from this region, but also remembers he left it for a reason – too close to the clutter of the Core.  He prefers to be out in the Rim, exploring. But the formation of the Blackstar has tapped him here.

UNCANNY HYPERSPACE ATTUNEMENT:  Drakka has an uncanny connection to the hyperspace lanes.  It is apparent in his incredible ability to navigate otherwise difficult routs within Tapani.

“MYTHIC STORM” MYSTERY: Drakka lost his memory when the ship he served on, the “Mythic Storm” exploded in Rimmas Nebula.  The destruction of the ship is a mystery.  Drakka has seen Dex, a Rodian crew member who he thought had died on the ship, but didn’t get any answers from him.

GUGORRA’S DEAL: At one point, when Starian was reported missing, Gugorra’s courier, a mysterious Twi’Lek, approached Drakka with an offer.  Gugorra wanted Drakka to watch Starian and at the moment that Starian works against Gugorra’s goals, Drakka is to kill Starian.  As part of this deal, Gugorra offered the “Freeman’s Demise” to Drakka. This deal still remains open.

ALDERAANIAN GHOSTS: At the destruction of Alderaan, the “Freeman’s Demise” jumped at the exact same moment of the planet’s destruction.  Drakka blacked out at that moment, and was haunted by the thousands of voices silenced.  To him, they are not silent every time they make a jump to hyperspace.

VISIONS OF DRAGON HORROR & RED BACTA:  Drakka has been plagued visions of people being dipped into a vat of blood red gelatinous liquid and turning into something beastly, almost draconian in form.

THE DRAGON WAY’S PULL: Drakka has also been plagued visions of strange dragon-like beings of light, winged creatures that advise him,, and guide him.  At specifics points along their journey, Drakka has been “called” by them.  This is usually followed by a long period of time being away from the “real world”.

Since these “callings”, Drakka has changed physically.  His hair has turned white, and his eyes gray.  He has felt some changes with in him and seen new abilities surface at very unexpected times.

MYTHIC STORM SABOTEUR: While sneaking through Palorax, the group was able to over-hear a conversation between Hedrus and Tremayne.  Hedrus was apparently responsible for the destruction of the Mythic Storm, in attempt to take out Hejaran.


Count Joseph Slavak
Count of House Pelagia & The Gorda of Tara’Nak
Last Known Jedi of House Pelagia


Lord Gren & Lady Otha Slavak – Adopted parents

Banigor Mor’Tan (see above) – Mor’Tan introduced the Cult to Slavak as a sanctuary for people like Slavak.  This was quite appealing to him, since he felt the heat of the Imperial Inquisition on his neck daily, and felt lost in a universe that was out to destroy his order.

Haskin Dronar (dead/see above)

The Cult of Tara’Nak (see above)

(old master) – ___?___

(real parents) – ___?___

Count Gemnar – Pelagian Noble that is a Rebel Sympathizer.

Zel Soldak (see above)

Sabathina (see above)

Order of New Hope – Secret order of heavily modified and cybered individuals who simulate Jedi powers with ancient Herglic technology.  They were meant to support rumors that not all Pelagia Jedi were killed, to give hope back to a dwindling House.


INITIAL PLOT HOOK:  Slavak was brought to the Hejaran will reading when he got wind that Hejaran had inside information about the Jedi Academy Slavak attended.  He was also supposed to meet with the Ambassador, who agreed to accompany Slavak. They hired Starian and the “Freeman’s Demise” to take them to Pella.

NAÏVE & SHELTERED TEEN JEDI: Slavak was born to a Jedi family and not long after his birth, his parents were persecuted as Jedi by the Empire. Before their death, Joseph’s parents entrusted his well-being to a trusted family who adopted him – the Noble Family of Slavak.  The Slavaks, knowing that his parents would want him to train in the Jedi traditions, helped form the underground academy of Pelagia Jedi, a secret academy of Purge survivors located deep within ancient submarine ruins.  For several years, Joseph spent his life in these cramped spaces, training daily.

Upon turning 18, Joseph convinced his adopted family to allow him to apprentice into the Pelagia Diplomat corp. His first assignment was talks with the Ambassador from Basilisk who oddly requested him by name.

ORACLE’S VISIONS:  Slavak’s Jedi training developed his basic skills, but since his exposure to the “universe” awoke power of seeing.  He continues to get visions of possible futures related to him and those close to him.

THE TEMPTATION OF SLAVAK: Slavak feared for his freedom once he encountered the Inquisition on Pella.  He was warned about them in his training, but to actually face it was a totally different experience.  He wasn’t sure he could face the “real universe” on his own, anymore.  He needed shelter from it, sanctuary.  This is when he stumbled across the Cult and Banigor Mor’Tan.  His need for sanctuary seemed to be answered, as the very convincing and seductive voice of Mor’Tan drew him into the folds of Tara’Nak.

Meanwhile, an old and decrepit man, Haskin Dronar, with unknown motivations advised him not to fall for the clean cut and pristine Mor’Tan’s claims of paradise and sanctuary.  The old man was a beggar and homeless. What would he know about his sanctuary?

He in fact knew a lot, as Slavak realized.  It became clear to Slavak that their was something Dark and sinister about the Cult. Before he could quit, however, the old man asked Slavak to stay in the Cult.  He needed seek out the source of power with in the Cult – where it was coming from and how.

“YOU ARE THE LAST”: Upon returning home, Slavak’s adopted parents confided in their son disturbing news.  The secret underwater academy had been covertly attacked and destroyed by the Inquisition.  Although, no direct ties to House Pelagia were found, the Inquisition continues to watch the House.  Many lives were lost.  As far as anyone knows with in Pelagia, Slavak is the last surviving Jedi of that Academy.

THE GORDA:  It was clear that Mor’Tan had plans for Slavak.  When he could, Mor’Tan trained Slavak in the Force and its power.  He was sculpting Slavak for something.  This “something” first became clear when Slavak had a vision of a great warrior uniting the cults.  It was his face that he saw behind the armored helmet.  He was later told of the prophecy of Gorda – about a great warrior doing what his vision told him and that he was the Tara’Nak’s version of that.  There were a dozen or so cults contending they had the True Gorda.  Mor’Tan told Slavak there was going to be a trial for the True Gorda.  Once chosen, the Gorda would unite the cults under one doctrine.  All the cults seemed to agree to this.

The only rival that concerned Slavak was a man named Zel Soldak.  He proclaimed to be immortal and lead a cult that held him up high as their messiah.  With what he had learned from Greydrake and the secrets of Camille, he knew that Soldak could be from that mysterious world, suspected so.  They would find out during the Hunt on the Dark World.

THE CRYSTAL: While on Alderaan, Slavak participated in a ceremony involving a large greenish crystal in the center of a sanctuary of Tara’Nak.  In this ceremony, it seemed he was given a rare opportunity to keep a piece of that crystal.  This later seemed to be a symbol of power and prestige with in the cult. He placed this crystal on his neck attached to a leather strap.

On the day of the Gorda trials, Slavak and his comrades walked through a strange gateway.  When Slavak emerged on the other side of the “stargate”, the crystal had disappeared and there was a burning sensation on his chest where it was.  From what he could tell, the crystal had “sunk” inside him.

FAMILY SECRETS:  The Slavak family was deeply involved in the Casanil Island project before it was struck by a missle and renamed Palorax.

Jason Din’Alt
Baron to Pelagia, pending re-instatement
Baron to Garadorn


Baron Lucian Hejaran & Ala’jian Hejaran(see above)

Lady Brigta Hejaran – Loyal to the old Mecetti ways, she wants to bring Hejaran family fortune into the House Leobund folds.  Practicing Sith witch.

Galemus Hejaran – Old wise advisor of Lucian, assigned to handle the business of House Hejaran at the Will reading.

Themion Hejaran – Possible heir to Hejaran’s fortune, not happy with the will’s reults.

Dane Hedrus (see above)

Hejaran’s Mecrosa – Baron Lucian Hejaran, despite the anti-Mecrosa sentiment within House Garadorn, has a team of assassins under his influence.  They are loyal to Family Hejaran and it’s leader.

Lord Xenthos Calamand – (see above) Apparently, Hejaran had a close relationship with Calamand despite their House allegiances.  Hejaran knew Calamand was immortal, but never told him.  Is interested in the information Hajaran holds on him, because Calamand at least knows that his bloodline can be traced back to House Pelagia.  This would jeopardize his candidacy.

Lady Kamri Lorelos – (see above) She also knows that Hejaran had the information on Calamand and wants it.

Oh-One Droid – Droid assigned to Din’Alt as part of the Hejaran will.


INITIAL PLOT HOOK:  Din’alt, after being disenchanted with house politics, lost his family fortune in several gambling outings until he was left credit-less.  Most of his holdings were lost to Baron Hejaran.  When he got word that Hejaran was dead and he was invite to the reading of the will, he had hopes of getting his holdings back.  He was not prepared to take on all of the House Hejaran Holdings.

PROBLEMS WITH INHERITANCE: The other Hejarans were not pleased with the results revealed in the will.  Most displeased was Lady Brigta, who now seeks to destroy Din’alt.  Din’alt answered her with a mark from Hejaran’s Mecrosa.


SECRETS OF CALAMAND & THE ELECTION:   Upon arriving at Tallaan, but Candidates for High Chancellor rushed to meet with Din’alt.  They both sought information that Hajaran had about one or the other.  They were willing to pay a great deal.

DIN’ALT RE-ARISING IN PELAGIA: With his family’s holdings returned, Din’alt started the process to re-instate his Family with in Pelagia.  However, Pelagia, desperate for their Candidate (the now allied Barnaba) to win the election, pressured Din’alt for Garadorn’s votes, holding his family name hostage.

FAMILY SECRETS:  House Din’Alt had a jaded history of revelry and partying. A few generations back, before the Purge, an ancestor of Jason’s, a one Lord Blake Din’alt, ended up with two families – one legitimate and one illegitimate through a mistress.  The mistress was of a lesser house and was trying to blackmail Blake, but when that didn’t create the satisfactory results, she want to the High Lord and claimed she was due a part of the Din’alt fortune and induction into the Family and House Pelagia.Well, through much political maneuvering, alliances and sleeping with the right people, she got what she wanted.  Thus, an illegitimate branch of Family Din’alt was born. A second bloodline was formed.

THE ALLIANCE OF THREE: During Pelagia’s peak, three families were assigned by the Pelagian Jedi Council to watch over a secret Holocron found on Camille.  These three families were Hejaran, Slavak, and Din’alt – Immortal, Jedi, and Psi.  The Holocron was subsequently lost when the new bloodline got wind of this alliance.  The illegitimate son of Blake Din’alt took the Holocron and disappeared in the bowels of City Tor’lah.

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