Planet Bofa II

Planet Bofa II

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Bofa II History

Long ago, Bofa II was once a thriving planet of insurmountable wealth, until the wars started. Two factions on-planet could not settle their differences and threw the planet into an age long war. However, it was never planet-threatening until someone arrived that would change the Bofans path of war forever. A very dark Jedi, banished from his sectors of space for dealing in ancient forbidden knowledge of the ShadowDrakes, named Mobarius the Tyrant, found Bofa. Mobarius was evil to the bone, and fed the Bofans war on both sides with twisted weapons that this galaxy hopes to never see again. He fed off the dead souls of Bofans, his power growing after every battle. He used his power to form cult of Dragon Followers, all worshipping him and the ShadowDrake knowledge.

Mobarius possessed knowledge of a secret order of Jedi that followed what was called the Dragon Way, a warrior code that was defined by the ancient beings known as the Stellar Dragons. Each side had their own set of Dragons: Light and Dark. However, their was also two very different sides of the Force that rarely ever showed their power: : Chaos Side and Order/Balance Side. Mobarius and the Shadowdrakes allied with one, the Chaos Side, which sought to engulf all in its destruction.

The Bofans fell into his power, perpetuating the war when they even had forgotten the reasons for fighting. Mobarius developed a god-complex, and soon felt the only way to reach complete deity-hood was to unleash the ultimate weapon, a series of biological weapons that would wipe all life on the planet. He built a tower that stretched from the equator of the planet to orbit, a beanstalk-tower, so he could watch the destruction and be unaffected. Unfortunately for him, the Bofan’s had formed a small group of of strong Force-Senistives whose plan was to overthrow the Tyrant. They were able to mortally wound him, but not before he was able to release the bio-weapons. Mobarius was able to reach his sanctuary in the beanstalk-tower, and even though his body was too far gone to repair, his spirit was able to survive by feeding on the dying souls below, trapped inside the tower, until another power soul was able to awaken him millennia later.

Mobarius went into a semi-dormant state for thousands of years until a young Jedi, fleeing from the Imperials, and searching for his father, fumbled across Bofa. It had changed since Mobarius’s day. The ruins were nearly covered in new life, whose growth and evolution was partially influence by Mobarius himself. His spirit permeated everything on the planet, and the Jedi could feel it. Even the Bofan’s that survived the war were mutated to Mobarius twisted idea of a perfect soldier. However, the Jedi knew none of this, and was captured and sacrificed to Mobarius, which gave him enough power to contact an aspiring Dark Jedi Defel named Marax (see GM Characters.)

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