Bombaasa Cartel

Bombaasa Cartel


Crime Cartel. Before it’s collapse, it was the most powerful criminal organization in the Sector.

Crev Bombaasa was a crime lord who founded a powerful cartel in the Kathol sector and later served the Hutt Borga Besadii Diori during the Yuuzhan Vong War. A well-educated man of refined manner and much literary knowledge, he was considered to have a distinctly beetle-like appearance, due to his stick-like limbs and pudgy body. Starting out as a small-time criminal working on Corellia early in the Galactic Civil War, he eventually moved to Pembric II in the Kathol sector, where law enforcement was almost non-existent. He and numerous fellow criminals merged their organizations and formed the Bombaasa Cartel, as a means of protection from large organizations, such as that of the Hutts. With Bombaasa at its head, the cartel became very influential in the Pembric system, and after Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne pulled out of the area in 8 ABY, Bombaasa seized control of Pembric II, making it a haven for smugglers, pirates, swoop gangs, and myriad other criminals. He had dealings with the New Republic envoy FarStar soon thereafter, but was able to repel any attempts by the Republic at diminishing his power.

He remained on Pembric II for many more years, increasing in power and stature until his territory covered many systems. He eventually grew bored of the Kathol sector, and left to become an underling of Borga, the most powerful Hutt of the time. Bombaasa operated from a giant, nine hundred meter-long freighter named Starmaster, and was in charge of Hutt operations and spice smuggling in the Tynnani system and the Bothan worlds. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, he helped Borga feed information to the New Republic about impending targets of the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong invaders, but after the Hutts’ demise he became a member of Talon Karrde’s reformed Smugglers’ Alliance. Bombaasa contributed to the Galactic Alliance victory over the Yuuzhan Vong at the Recapture of Coruscant in 29 ABY, and along with Karrde, smuggler Booster Terrik, and Lando Calrissian, he pledged to change his ways and make an honest living.

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