Boss Ames*

Boss Ames*

(A unnamed Breed expansion)

Species: Human

Type:  Humanoid Mutant

Origin: Chicago

Strength 10
Constitution 12
Agility 5
Intelligence 7
Education 6
Charisma 3
Empathy 3
Initiative 1
Move 1/5/10
Skill/Dam 4/3d6
Hits 30/60
Appear 1

Documented Notes


Add-ins & Elaborations

Boss Ames is a creature only glimpsed at in the film, and is not covered in any of the documentation. 

Boss Ames was a crime boss during the ’20s that made no friends in the business. When a coalition of his enemies exacted revenge on him for his misdeeds, they did more than just kill him.  They cursed him using the black magic of an old gypsy woman and a large vat of his signature whiskey, to the form what he is now – a nearly formless blob of blubber, tentacles and misshapen skin.  

He has control of his form now, after reaching Midian – a gift granted to him by Baphomet.  He can change his shape to any semi-fluid form.  However, everyone knows when Boss Ames is around for there is the putrid smell of whiskey in the air.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Tentacles; Smothering

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Shapeshifting – can form into any blobular form.


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