Braduk na Burduk

Braduk na Burduk

Ur Ukari Technician, alternate to the Church’s view

Loyal to the Incarnate Church and the Supreme Order of Engineers (Bill Boivin)

Once a lost soul, a near death experience has brought him into the Light… but a different kind of light than the Church would prefer. His quest for higher technical knowledge has always brought him up against the Church and the Avestites especially. He claims that part of his epiphany brought out the true color of his eyes and now they appear as human blue eyes.

Braduk na Burduk on Grail Part 1

Braduk chose to stay behind on Grail as the rest of the party went to Rimpoche.  The battle between Decodos/Masseri and al-Malik ended in a draw, after an Imperial Fleet showed up.  There was some damage to the planet, and help was needed.  A group of Incarnate Missionaries (in the guise of Hesychast monks) showed up not long after the battle to help with the recovery.  Among other things, they supplemented the Almatheans and the local Guild apothecaries as they tended to the wounded as well as the few bad cases of plague that were still recovering.

Braduk joined them on the more technical side of things, helping recover important systems and fixing essential equipment.  The leader, an Ur-Obun named Bishop Romas ma Nazaran, preached to the masses he was helping, spreading a slightly different version of the Prophet’s message than what the people of Grail was used to – the Incarnate version.  Braduk, a burgeoning Incarnate Praetor, was eventually called in front of Nazaran, for it was a Praetor’s duty to serve the bishop.  The Ukari in Braduk was not prepared to be subservient to an Obun, but as he quickly learned, he was unlike any Obun Braduk had ever met.

In a matter of a few days, Nazaran and Braduk were able to trust each other.  Nazaran treated Braduk as an equal, something no human or Obun has ever done.  He admired Braduk for his skill as well as his passion to serve the Incarnate way as a Praetor.  Nazaran, one of the founders of the Praetor knighthood within the Incarnates, helped in Braduk’s training.

Nazaran explained that the Incarnates are growing like never before and beginning to splinter.  There are already two schools of theology within the Incarnates, dividing the believers down the middle.  The two groups are the Preordination and Faith Incarnates, and they differ over the theology behind salvation and where it comes from.

However there is a third faction rising up from the shadows that fears this division and looks to unite it against one common enemy – the Church of the Celestial Sun.  This new faction, with all noble intent, is nothing short of a radical terrorist group, giving the Incarnate Church a bad name and running the risk the Inquisition’s Wrath.  The problem with a wrath like that is that it is indiscriminate.  All Incarnates will be caught up in it.

After about a week on planet, Nazaran had a mission for Braduk.  It seemed that some of the terrorist faction had infiltrated his missionary group and is now planning an attack on the Almathean temple on Grail.  Braduk, as Praetor of the Incarnates, was to take out the leader of this group of infiltrators.  Nazaran provided the name.

This was not what Braduk has expected to do as Praetor, but his Ukari warrior honor drove him to fulfill his duty.  The target was a man named Trellus Cambrin.  It took over three days to find the man, pace out his routine and find an opening to kill him, but Braduk was able to find his moment.  And it seemed in the nick of time as Cambrin was on his way to deliver the explosives to the temple.

Nazaran apparently used this mission as a test of Braduk.  The bishop confided in Braduk, explaining that the Incarnates were here on Grail for more than just humanitarian reasons.  As Braduk recalled, the Incarnates were one of the first to notice the crystalline objects in orbit around certain planets.  They also know that the one over Grail was brought down.  They were in search of a possible fragment of the crystalline “satellite” that might have survived re-entry.  Nazaran further said they had found a piece of it, deep within Etyri territory, in the south eastern mountains of the primary continent.

This is where Nararan wanted him to go next.


The Dark Dreams of Braduk

While under the drugged state, Braduk hears this

You have the soul,

Tainted and torn

You have the flesh

A seed of corruption waiting to be born

The doorway needs unsealed

Five symbols must be inscribed

On specific days to be revealed

Among the scars of one described

The first on the day of the first sun fading

Over and behind the heart

The rune of krynius xor

The  second on the third day of Balieel

Back of the neck, near the brain stem

The rune of bosh’n tau

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