Brandis Turgah

Brandis Turgah

Human Droid Technician, Played by Chris Jarrett

Brandis Turgah was little more than a common thief masquerading as a technician with the New Republic fleet- until he tried stealing from a group of Bothans. He was discovered, captured and brought before the leader of the Bothans, a wily diplomat named Borsk Fey’lya. Fey’lya recognized the importance of having a thief and informer aboard the New Republic fleet, so he allowed Turgah to go under the condition that he regularly report back to the Bothans with interesting news and classified data otherwise unavailable to them. When the Bothan delegation heard about a task force going after the mysterious Moff Sarne, Fey’lya arranged for Turgah to go along.

After the Mission was over

After being vindicated of any wrong doing on the Farstar, and being freed from Bothan service, he remained in the Kathol Sector and surrounding areas, taking advantage of the new markets opening up there.

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