Brother “Stix” Sheon

Brother “Stix” Sheon

Human Occultist Theurgist, Martial Artist, Beastfriend Loner

No immediate allegiances other than to himself and his quests (Chris Jarrett)

A Hesychast priest of sorts, his journey to find the Truth lead him to the underground pit fighting of Byzantium Secundus and now the ways of the barbarian Beastfriend.


What is your species?


Are you a traditionalist to your alien heritage?


What is your gender?


What is your sexuality?



What is your planet of birth?

Largest Escatonic

Did you ever live on another planet?

All the time.   I wander a lot.  (street contacts + passage contract)


What defined your childhood?

Poor but happy.  Helped father with grounds keeping.

Who were your parents?

Both servants to a noble house.  (thinking Barnaba)


What defined your adolescence?

Often sneaking in to eavesdrop on the tutor for the nobles kids.

Who were your friends?

The noble’s pets.  (hunting dogs &such)

Social Background

What is your social background?

Street rat.

How wealthy was your family?

Not at all.

Did you grow up in urban or rural area?

Both.  Happiest at the rural estate.

Were you born serf, freeman or noble?


Occult Powers

Do you have occult powers?


When did you discover them?

Mid teens.

How did you discover them?

Healed an injured hunting hound of a poison sting that happened during the “masters” hunt.

Who taught them to you?

First time was a fluke.  Escatonic identified it and took him away.

What is your stigma/stigmata?

Escatonic order.


What is your profession?

Officially a wanderer.  Unofficially a free wheeling investigator of occult.

Why did you become this?

Sticks was always used to being alone.  Animals seem to be his friends most often.

Have you wanted to be anything else?

Still trying to figure my place in the universe.  In the meantime doing a fun David Banner impersonations.  The pancreator seems to guide me where I need to be.  Who am I to argue?



What are your religious convictions?

We are all parts of the greater whole.

How strongly do you adhere to them?

I will not interfere with your path unless it infringes on another’s.   We are all gears in the machine.  Your cog may not fit properly and need to move to another location.  That is fine unless while moving you should jam another gear.

Have you ever been interested in other faiths?

Fundamentally they all have merit to one degree or another.  But all are seem through our own eyes.  We are not all capable of appreciating the pancreators’ work, or understanding it.  That doesn’t mean that our interpretation is more valid than another’s.  Just like looking at the same fire from other angles.  The fault is not in it, but in our perceptions from different points of view.

Have you ever changed faiths?

No.  Never really committed to one either.

Are you superstitious or rational?


Do demons exist?

Not sure.  To have demons you must have angels.  I haven’t seen one but I also don’t have proof that they don’t exist.


What is your own conviction of yourself?  

How can we understand the greater when we still don’t understand this reality? We only have so long to develop an understanding here so we can have our own perceptions sharp to understand what comes next.

Are you destined for greatness?

Possible.  It was once said that some are born to it and others have it given to them.  Maybe that is what I am looking for.  No matter.  If I find it or it comes to me I refuse to miss the trip to it.

Do things always work your way?

Of course not.   That would be boring.


What is your opinion on technology?

We all have this gift of reason.  Technology is a direct spawn of that gift.  Could you give someone some grain seeds and then come back and say the wheat is wrong? It’s a logical step.

Is the church a good arbitrator on technology?

I don’t think anyone is.   It seems to egotistical to not have any knowledge of something yet say it’s wrong.  I suspect that the head of the cleansers has a pocket video game hidden away.

Did the Second Republic fall because of Hubris?

Maybe.  Things may have gotten too easy.  If you don’t do then you start to not be able to do.  Then you start to not think.   And if you don’t think then things can really go wrong.


What is your opinion of politics?

Interesting in theory.  Horrible in practice.  It ties into that whole the flaw is in us not in the thing.  Politics is practiced in one form or another by almost everyone.  As such we all leave a mark on it.  Change it slightly with each touch.  So we are all to blame for the system.  We should all rejoice when it works well.  And we should all accept the shame when it doesn’t.

Do you love the Emperor?

Not sure.  I haven’t met the emperor.  I know the policies the emperor has put forth.  Some good some bad.  I don’t think too much on it.  Like politics dwelling on the mundane dulls our vision to the superior.

Do you look up to your liege lord(s)?

Only if they are on higher ground.  They have their own responsibilities.  I will let them do their job and I will do mine.  Should our paths cross I will take more notice.  But there are a lot more of the lower classes that the lords.  That is where we will have the largest group to search through.

Would you defend your homeland?

I would defend any land that has any true need of it.


What religion/sect do you follow?

My own.  No two beings see things the same. No way two can agree on all points.  It’s unrealistic.

What is your opinion of the Church?

Good manifesto.  Questionable tactics and methodology.  It’s why I am not with them anymore.  The pancreator is understood by us as a flame.  A flame cannot be controlled completely.  Why would we think we can control everything?

What does your religion think of you?

I am probably viewed as a disappointment by many.  Those with more enlightened attitudes probably understand me better.

How devout a practitioner are you?

I live my method every day.  To do any different would be a travesty to myself and the grand design.


Does money motivate you?

Money is no more than a tool.  It is to be used when needed if it is available.  If it is not then another tool can and most often will be used.

What do you think of the League?

Church, league, houses, they are all just different versions of pieces in the same great game.  They probably have much more in common than any of them will admit.


What are your long term objectives?

I will follow the path where it leads.  The final destination is not as important as the trip.  I hope to kindle the minds of those I pass along the way.  Maybe they will find their own path. And hopefully their path will lead them to the same place.  But should the pancreator send me this way or that it does not matter much.  I have no plans.

Medium and short term?

These people I am with are on or in some cases just starting their own journeys.  I will help them to kindle their way if they wish.  I have already been able to help an innocent from having their own journey cut short.  In the course of that it seems we have found a group that want to force people onto a path.  This group seems to function the same way as a backfire would.  We need to divert them from making trouble.  One way or another.  Perhaps if I am part of enough and progress far enough push myself enough I will get to a new stage of enlightenment and see a glimpse of all that is to come.


What are your leisure activities?

Good food, good book, that’s a good time.

What would you do with a lot of money?

Probably give a lot of it away.  Only so much is needed past that is all for show.


What sort of first impression do you give?

Most likely a reminder of that odd kid in the back of the class that knows things but you are not sure how or even if you want to know how he knows.


What is your attitude on love?

Just another aspect of a sentients’ nature.  I do now seek it because I expect it would be a distraction more than a help.  Of course I could be wrong.

What is your attitude on romance?

Much the same on love.  I am not seeking it.

What is your attitude on marriage?

It is an interesting thing.  People who are willing to attempt to take the same path.  There is always the logical belief that the union would, could and or should result in the spark of life.

Who is your ideal mate?

Most likely a fellow traveler on the path of enlightenment.


What are you most proud about (on a personal level) in life?

Personal growth.  Sticks favors learning new things and having been new places most.  He believes that the more you know the better you can understand and then the better prepared you are for what you are to do.  1000 books aren’t worth one good trip.


What are you most ashamed about (on a personal level) in life?

That he never went back to visit his family.  He later found out that they are gone but he never said goodbye he “heard the call” and went.


Who do you most admire?

Those who seem to know where they are going in the universe.  It seems as if they have been told the proper way and are heading that direction with all haste.  Sticks isn’t sure if its the proper way or not but he admires that even if they don’t know where they are going they see no use in being late.


Have you turned out the way your family/faction expected them to?

Family :  Sticks does not and will never know.  Faction :  The escatonics seem to think that sticks is a bit lacking in his approach but they have allowed him to go on his way.  They seem to be disappointed with his fascination of “lower life forms”  thinking that he can not glean anything from them but sticks thinks that every piece of knowledge helps.


Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done?

Have my own starship to go where I wish whenever I wish.

What would happen if you did?

Visit every planet at least once.  Then head to those the guilds wont.  (the other races and such)


What’s the worst thing that’s happened in your life?

Sticks nursed one of the “master’s” hunting dogs back to health but the dog remembered that it was the master’s fault that he was injured.  So when the dog snapped at the master the master shot it and killed it without a second thought.  Sticks had spent months getting the animal back on its feet and it was all wiped out in an instant.

What did you learn from it?

That many do not have the proper respect for life.


Who is your best friend?

Sticks (with this next lvl) is getting an animal companion.  A shazzle.  That will end up being his best friend..

How did you meet?

Probably going to find him in an exotic pet shop.

What do you like about this person?  

Better understanding than most people..

What do you like about them?  

He doesn’t think I am crazy.


What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone? Why? 

Sticks secretly drugged a fighter in the underground street fights causing him to loose but also to be badly hurt.   The fight odds were all on this fighter and sticks needed to raise some money to help some people out of  trouble.  It was the fastest way he knew.  He didn’t find out till later that someone else was accused of doing it and had already been killed by the crime boss running the fight.  That was when sticks moved on to Byzanteum secundis and an extra reason for saving the fighter.


What would you like it to say on your tombstone?

In remembrance of Shone “sticks” Darien  Body not recovered  presumed to be on the path to eternity.


What are you most afraid of?

Symbiotic infection.  There is just something wholly wrong about them.


What’s the most important thing in your life? (What do you value the most?) 

My new animal companion.

Self Image

What do you like best about yourself? (Also least)

Not being easily fooled by the trappings of money like most are.    Often not being taken seriously when it matters.


What do you like best about the other characters? (Also least) 

They all (for the most part) seem to be pursuing an honorable goal.   They seem to let themselves get sidetracked from the big picture for meaningless things.  The priest and the engineer squabble constantly over issues that should have been laid to rest by their two people’s  long long ago.  The noble is honorable but almost to the point of being so that it could blind him to other things.  Honor is great and I admire him for it but life is the most important thing.  The new person I can not truly say.  I have not been around him enough.  I can say that his  love of mind numbing substances is something that I cannot understand…….

How do you feel about life right now?

It is a continuation of the journey we all are on.

What, if anything, would you like to change?

If is could get the others to stop wandering off alone and getting hurt..  The pancreator seems to want me to protect them but I cannot be in two places at once.

Are you lying to yourself about something? What is it?  I do not think so. 

I am a very honest person  (OK that one should have you laughing by now)


What do you think of humanity? Is it doomed? Is there redemption? Who cares? 

Humanity can be a very fine thing but we need to find better ways to get long with everything else in the universe.  That would be our great redemption and our best hope for a future.

Drama – What do you think is causing the suns to fade?

Perhaps the pancreator has done this in an attempt to urge us onward.  People often need motivation to do things.  Most have the ability to be good but I could take a verbal or even physical beating to make them put forth the effort that they could, would and should have all along.

Stix and the Kalinthi

While on Byzantium Secundus, Stix in his journey to explore the occult and paranormal of the universe, was approached by a Kalinthi agent.  All the asked him to do was to be their eyes and ears while he works with Justinius Hawkwood to investigate the crystal cult.  All they want to know is if there are any demonic influences involved.

There was more to the story than they wanted to share with an rogue Eskatonic.

It wasn’t until their short stay on Grail that the Kalinthi contacted Stix again.  They shared a little more of what they were after.

There seems to be a resurgence of a certain demon cult all across the known worlds.  It is because of a prophecy that they cultist believe is coming.  It says…

In the shadows of a false god, a harbinger of His arises.

One of Ukari blood who contains the Seed of True Life

A conflicted one of mixed souls

An scarred warrior scholar with blue eyes

The one body and two souls

Both impartial and corrupt

Their Flames to be extinguished

To bring forth his unholy reign

They have heard that the Ukari Stix travel with has blue eyes and not normal Ukari eyes.  They are concerned that he is this harbinger the prophecy speaks of.

The cult’s name is the Dark Order of Azazel.





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