Sessions 01: Byzantium Secundus. The Gathering

Sessions 01: Byzantium Secundus. The Gathering

Dates: 2/4/2006

Where: Byzantium Secundus

The group gathers in the Imperial Embassy Legal Department, called by Lord Council Balfor Hawkwood. A murder has occured and many feel that the Emperor has not done enough to look into it.


  • Sir Justinius Hawkwood – A up-and-coming knight, loyal to the Emperor and Hawkwood, young veteran of the Emperor Wars, he seeks favor from the Imperial court in order to become a Questing Knight.
  • Brother Jonas – A mysterious Ur-obun Almathean healer, assigned as a forensics advisor to the murder investigation.
  • Brad`uk na Burduk – A Ur-Ukari Engineer Guildsman, assigned as a technical advisor, he has strong disdain for anything related to the Church.
  • Sir Jacob Juandaastas – A house psi who comes to the party late in the investigation claiming that he has visions of their distiny.
  • Brother Shoen “Stix – A wandering Hesychast monk, formerly of the Eskatonic Order, skilled martial artists and theurgist,he is assigned as “street” advisor to the investigation.


  • Sgt. Trenton Rohr – Imperial soldier of the Symbiot line, assigned temporarily as body guard and assistant to Justinius.
  • (Imperial Eye Agent) – An inside made that reveals the plot is deeper than just a simple street murder.


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