Species: Vampiric Demon
Type:  Supernatural Creature; a Qualm member
Origin: New York
Strength 12 Empathy 3
Constitution 11 Initiative 5
Agility 13 Move
Intelligence 6 Skill/Dam 6/3D6
Education 5 Hits 50/100
Charisma 7 Appear 1

Documented Notes

Boone’s “secret face” was brought out by the bite of Peloquin.  For all intents and purposes, Boone is a child of Peloquin, but because of who he is, he is much more than that.

The Seventh Hero of Midian, he endeavors where others failed.  Their spirits must of lead them to Midian, because before he found it, he thought he was normal. They say he is now a vessel for those six spirits, fueled by Peloquin’s bite, Cabal – formerly Boone – will be the hero of the night and lead Midian to a new age.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Boone is clearly a warrior and hero Midian never had.  Once a Natural haunted by inner demons, Peloquins bite brought out his inner beast and brought him to Midian.

Boone has regenerative abilities like Peloquin as well as extreme strength and agility.  He has the same craving for meat and flesh but is able to curb it with sheer will power.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Claws, Bite, Enhanced Strength and Agility while in Bestial Form (+5 to Physical stats).

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Human and Darkling Empathy.

Slight Shapeshift (into Bestial form)

Blight” – His bite changes the victim (Humans only) and brings out the inner demon of the victim – a combination of fear and instinct that drives the bestial side of the new member of Peloquin’s tribe, the Qualm.


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