Adventure: Call of the Highbreed

Adventure: Call of the Highbreed

One of my favorite story arches from my version of Star Frontiers is the Highbreed story.  It started as a revamped version of the Eleanor Moraes adventure and ended with so much potential.  I came up with an idea for a sequel that never got off the ground.

Highbreed Call:  The highbreed are under attack by a competitor of Drell, their god-computer.  Dexter is an upgraded version that has laid dormant on the same planet and finally awoke.

Part 1 – Hole in the Mind


An NPC with little memory of his past approaches the PCs with a message from the Highbreed.  “I am in search of the Marked One.” The Message is a call from help from the Highbreed Council.  The Highbreed have established a strong society on their planet and now it is threatened.


The Marked One is a past character from the previous adventure.  He will end up hiring the characters. Clues will lead the PCs to identify the NPC as Blax – an explorer and team leader of an expedition (Drag Team Omicron) that was sent to Altrensia.  He and three others formed the team.

The PCs will be harassed by many factions that do not want them on Altrensia.

  • A group of INSTEL agents wants to find out as much as the PCs known about Altrensia including information on Blax.
  • Mysterious occurrences with automated systems and robots will occur.  The PCs will discover that other Drag Team Omicron members were killed by haywire robotics.
  • Black Flag will know the members of Drag Team Omicron and will recognize Blax
  • STREEL wants to stop anyone from getting to the planet and learning what is going on.


STREEL hired the Drag Team Omicron.  They see the planet as an embarrassment.  After all the legalities over the last Altrensia incident, STREEL was stuck with supporting and supplying the surviving Highbreed as a colony. It has become a liability they want cut loose.  The only way they could is to manipulate Black Flag into destroying the colony.  STREEL did it without revealing who they were, and Black Flag is completely unaware of the entire STREEL/Altrensia situation.



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