Dragonstar: The Mind’s Lost Legacy

Dragonstar: The Mind’s Lost Legacy

Started the Dragonstar: The Mind’s Lost Legacy page.

Dragonstar setting is basically D&D in space. I really enjoy this campaign setting because it had the best of both worlds. I found myself easily coverting D&D stuff to the setting, making dungeons in asteroids and temples into space stations.

The inspiration of this campaign revolved around the crystal dragons, psionics, and how these two elements fit in a predomaently magical world where the dragons ruled. Crystal dragons were just a myth and there was talk of them returning. Strange Orbs kept turning up and eventually will lead the players to the realization that the Crystal Dragons were more than a myth. How would that have effected the power structure of the Dragon Houses? I wanted to explore that but never got to.

I started this campaign when D&D 3.0 had just came out. Much to my dismay, while I was still running it, 3.5 came out. Not being all that familiar with the differences, I was nervous about converting. If I were to go back, though, I would either do 3.5 or maybe even Pathfinder.

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