Captain’s Log: Musings of a frustrated Captain

Captain’s Log: Musings of a frustrated Captain


Question from the Captian to the Games Operations Director

What would you do if I started locking up crewmembers that were sneaking around behind my back? This dose not include the petty things the they are doing. This is mainly for the people who keep appearing in the bulls eye while I’m searching for the saboteurs. What do you say to retro punishment? I like this Idea.

Gorak (Neil)  – 10 years  – I know he’s evil. He knows he’s evil. Lets just save people the trouble of having to know what he did.

Loh’Khar (GM) – 9 years – He knows too much to be healthy. This is as much for his protection as ours.

Kla’al (Mike G) – 5 years- He’s just too sneaky to be a good guy.

Analia and Mavia (Jen) – 2 years, but they can get off in 6 months for good behavior. Mainly because she’s one of the few I think I can trust on the ship.

Thyte (John) – 2 years – For executing the plan last game, and  Ten years for the person who gave him the idea.

Dajus (Matt) – 1 year – Just look at her. (1) Evil never changes. It helps you only as long as you help it. (2) Until we can find something else for he to wear. She looks like a motorcycle chick

Slave (Chris J) – 5 months – Just because I know he’s done something wrong sometime.

Doc Akenseh – (Matt) – 3 months – Just to be fair.

Doc Akenseh’s Response

3 MONTHS!!! Just to be fair!!! After all the crew I have put back together, including you. I am appalled that you would even entertain such a notion. I am a doctor and a humanitarian above all else. Yet you would cast me aside for your ease of mind. Is it so wrong to think that there might be someone on the ship that you can actually trust? Does the thought that you are not completely surrounded by villains and back-stabers frighten you? Are you so engrossed by your paranoia that you have to invent enemies to feel safe? Maybe it’s time to evaluate your ability to continue to command this ship.

Dajus’ response:

Well captain, the beast finally shows itself. Let me offer two words for you, “Plausible Deniability”. What we do is for the good of the ship and her crew. You obviously don’t understand what is best for the ship. We can’t always go to you and ask for your permission to use the bathroom. We have to act on a moment’s notice. If this doesn’t settle with you, then maybe we should just make several dozen clones of you so that you can be everywhere… oh wait, that sounds familiar… which brings me to my next point.

I thought we were out to remove the empire, not recreate it. Your attitudes and mood swings are starting to take that Imperial tone. As they say, If you become fanatical about the enemy, you often become the enemy. Have you been a fanatic too long Captain? Are you staring back from the other side of the looking glass? Sarne wasn’t as paranoid as you. Be careful, it is a thin rope you walk.

Chief Scout Officer’s Log: Musings of a Shadow

Hm, if we are throwing people on prison, how about:

(Mike G) Unda Lagor. – Nobody has that many “accidents”.

(John) Darryn Thyte – For insubordination.

(Mike R) “Gammer” Firdaaz – For alcoholism.

(Ed) Bifzik – For general principles. Why should Ed be the only player to escape prison? Besides, we’ll need his bug’s help to break out.

(Chris F) Dervious – For getting us in so much trouble. And playing that REALLY annoying music.

(Chris F) Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum. – Because the captain of a ship is responsible for the conduct of her crew. And what laws haven’t her crew broken?

And from a previous campaign…

(Chris F) Parax for wanton destruction, mayhem, and death. And, unlike the Lovely Angels, it was HIS fault.