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BASICS/PULL If the same group: After safely returning with Ilder, the PCs are soon briefed into a new mission.  Balrom Ilder’s mind has been picked by Star Law & Fleet psi-interogators.  All the information he knows about the planet Alpha …

The War Years 2: Mission to Alpha Dawn Read More »

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The Beginning The campaign started on New Pale (Truane’s Star System, Frontier), a world recovering from war of extreme racial tension between pro-human supremacists and a multicultural military state. Hired by a secret coalition of mega-corporations along with the planetary …

12.5 – The Volturnus Saga: Session 1 through 12 Review Read More »

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Updated the SDF Primer with new Zebulon Human Factions (the closest the Expanse has to Human Stellar Nations).

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by Kelly St.Clair Well, here it is:  my version of the Frontier and its history. It ends in FY 28 with the First Dramune War; I was going to carry it further, perhaps including the Blue Plague, but my inspiration …

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*Note: When points are added to an ability as a pair, such as in STR/STA +5, this means that 5 points may be manipulated between the two, but not 5 added to both. For example, you may decide you want, …

Alien Species: The Rel, the Tav, & The Iag Read More »

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OCRed this from something I had in my files.  I think one of my players wrote this up. In Star Frontiers, you can be rebuilt, changed, improved. Or that is the standard line. However, you lose a piece of yourself …

Cybernetics, version 2 Read More »

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OCRed this from something I had in my files.  I think one of my players wrote this up. A character with the Genetics skill can make certain changes on the fetuses of organic life forms, thus modifying the basic form. …

Genetic Modification Read More »

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The process of combining the power of machine and the versatility of flesh is cybernetics.  For example, replacing bone and muscle with high density surgical steel and nano-tech enhanced smart-fibers to increase strength.  There are four types or Series of …

Cybernetics, version 1 Read More »

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Level: 3 SEU: 20/hour Protect: 100 Cost: Currently unavailable for sale Mass: BMM x 4 Kg. Helmet: Starlight visor, Infra red sensor, 3 progit body comp, Chrono Display and Comlink, Body Scan, Video Cam Misc. Power: 50 SEU Scanners: Motion (A), Parabolic (A), Odor (A) Fields: Holo . …

Genin Stealth Combat Armor Read More »

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Not sure who write this but I think it was one of my players. In the past six months, several of these objects have been confiscated by Star Law. Nobody knows where they come from, and the manufacture of such a device is a …

Star Law Report: Psi-Booster Torc Read More »

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