Changing from Alternity to True20

Changing from Alternity to True20

Changing Systems

We have decided to change to True20 for this campaign. Playing in the short period of time we have, we seemt o have to relearn the system every night. The system also proved to be too clumky for this gorup, perhaps too old school for these young bucks. It was a worthy effort but I think True20 will be more condusive to fun for this group.

It was probably partially my fault as I was not as familiar with the system as I should be. I am not the best person to know the ins and outs of a complex game system. I know that’s pretty bad for a GM but I really like relying on the group to help me with rules systems. So we moved to True20, which is probably the most elegant incarnation of the d20 mechanic. We are all familiar with d20, so the transition was easy. I started a new True20 page for this campaign.

I am not entirely sure I will return to this system again. However, I am really into the Star*Drive campaign setting and plan to integrate that into whatever I do in the future. I am really enjoying Star*Drive/Frontiers setting I put together for True20, resurrecting old SF modules and converting them to True20. Maybe I have found my perfect setting.

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