Charge Beam, DL-259 Weapon attachment

Charge Beam, DL-259 Weapon attachment

Name: Charge Beam

Type: DL-259 Weapon attachment

Skill: Blaster, Charge Beam

Availability: 2

Ammo: infadent

Half Damage: 2D (when charged only half way )

Full Damage: 3D (when charged all the way )

Cost: 5,000

Range: 1-20/60/120

Description and Game effect:

The charge beam is the first weapon attachment off the line and it is the most important beam ever. The charge beam charges the Gun and causes it to triple the damage of the Gun. If you have suggestion comments please contact me at I really hope you enjoy this attachment. Also with the other beams you can perform one of the most spectacular beam attacks (except with the gun ). So with my greatest gratitude I say, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!