Charlotte 49ers vs. Presbyterian College

Charlotte 49ers vs. Presbyterian College

49ers win 34 to 10

This was a cake walk for us 2 years ago but this year, we struggled in the beginning offensively.  Despite new players from UAB and a experienced QB, we only beat then by half as much as we did last year.  What the heck? Did they get that much better? Well, as it turns out, the first string QB shared time with the back up.  As the score ran up, I agree that it was best to get the heir apparent some reps.  No doubt.

The defense looked stout though and I really encouraged from that end of it.  As we head in a few weeks of real opponents, we will see how they stand up.



What surprised me was the atmosphere.  Between the new alumni pavilion and the student tent village, UNCC Football is coming into its own.  The Pavilion was awesome, and had good food.  I paid basically $11 per person (all 5 of us) to eat breakfast and lunch.  My wife and I drank several Red Apple Ales (probably a 6 pack together) and the kids got to do jumpy houses.  Well worth it.  Thanks to the Charlotte University Place Hilton for the extra tickets to the game for our kids (since I only by 2 season tickets every year).

They turned the old driving range into something called the Student Tent Village which I think is a stroke of genius!  A ton of tents all laid out right next to the stadium. I am not sure if the students get them free or if they have to reserve them, but that place was packed.  And because of that, the student section in the stadium was full.  And THAT is what I want to see.  I can’t wait until the night games.

It is taking me a little longer to get hyped up about this football season but this weekend really helped.  GO NINERS!