Chronicles of the Dominion, Part 1

Chronicles of the Dominion, Part 1

The Bear Riders of White Reign

The Bear Riders of the northern snow plains were ferocious warriors on the battlefield. They rode massive brown and white bears of the mountains common in their regions. They have five provinces that span the northern mountains, one central and one for each of the four winds.

The Eastern province is Two Peaks province. Between the two tallest peaks of the Dominion’s northern mountains spanning the entire valley is the citystate and fortress – Battle Ice. It is said to have been carved into a massive glacier made of enchanted ice formed from the magics of the Staff of the Sled Raiders. It is said that the staff itself still remains in the ice, frozen for all time.

The North province is Cold Keep. Despite it’s name, it is actually on an island in the middle of a huge hot spring lake. It is a well known vacation spot for the Bear Riders between battles with the Slash-Troopers of their southern borderlands. The fortress here is a stone and wood structure known as Steam Strike.

The South Province is known as LostWay. It is the newest province in the kingdom of the White Reign. It was formed by the largest garrison of Bear Riders as they fortified the border against their long time enemy and their armies of lion riding Slash-troopers. The mountain range of the White Horizon makes up the southern border of the Kingdom of the White Reign ever since the LostWay battalions took it back from the Slash-troopers. The garrison of LostWay is even more battle hardened after facing the yearly Blizzard of the Gods.

The Western province lays in the ice wastelands of a frozen sea. Massive ice crags and fissures surround the ice mesa that Ice-Solid Castle resides on. The ice-sled ships navigate the ever changing crags like a slow moving sea, hunting the plains for food and plunder from any unfortunate passer-by.

The central province is the capital – Grand White Reign Castle. It lies in the calm of the White Plains with its gleaming white marble towards shining in the sun of the Dominion. It is the pride of the Bear Riders. It is here that all the generals meet with the Queen of the White Reign – Astella Icepike – to discuss the war against their enemies – the Slash-troopers of the Southern tundra. They are convinced that they are under the manipulation of the Dark Stone Power and those of the New Realm.

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