Chronicles of the Dominion, Part 4

Chronicles of the Dominion, Part 4

The capitol – Dominion Keep

The largest city in the Dominion was centered around the Dominion Keep. It was once a thriving town of shops, taverns and homes to many citizens of the Dominion. Now all that lays in ruin. The forces of the Dark Stone have laid the castle under siege. The walls lay battered and beaten by the numerous attacks from the Dark Armies.

No one knows who built the castle. It stands against the assault with its battlements strong and firm. No one knows who dug the deep gorge around it. No one knows who forged the solid steel draw bridge that keeps the Dark Stone forces out. There are many legends of giants and dwarves working together to form the strongest fortress of the land but most believe they re just stories. Giants and dwarves, if they ever existed, are long gone.

The Silver Tower is the first structure ones sees when approaching Dominion Keep. Said to made of enchanted silver, it stands the tallest artificial structure in the leands. The Keep is surround on both the east and the west by the Impassible Mountains and the River of Silverflow passes around the side of the Keep. It is from that river the Great Gorge is filled to create a massive moat around the Castle.

The Great Southern Seat lies behind the Keep, where the Silverflow drains. It is at there the fabled Ghost Town of the Thunder Nights can be found, a mysterious and untouched ruin of a town built long before the Keep.