Commodore Karl “Rough” Reider

Commodore Karl “Rough” Reider

Human commander of UPF Expanse Expeditionary Force, expeditionary force patrolling the Frontier region.

The Expanse Expeditionary Force (EEF) was created in response to renewed Sathar activity in the Frontier. The UPF wanted a substantial presence in the area to supplement the local militias of the Frontier systems. Unlike the system militias, the EEF can range at will over a large area and respond to any Sathar activity in remote or unexplored regions.

The UPF can currently spare only one frigate and a pair of assault scouts for the FEF but has convinced the Clarion Royal Marines to temporarily attach the assault scout CMS Osprey to the EEF. The EEF is official part of Strike Force NOVA but has been given broad initiatives by the Fleet Admiralty. In overall command of the EEF is a young and unconventional officer, Space Commodore Karl “Rough” Reider.


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