ConCarolinas & JustUs Productions Bumpsticker

ConCarolinas & JustUs Productions Bumpsticker

Something I through together that was ruled too “politically incorrect” to post anywhere else…


A few comments from others when we took over…

Gaming has never felt like an event since [the bugs] has been running things. Not to jab them, don’t really know any of them. But in years past, ConCarolinas felt like the game rooms were so much more lively, with tournaments, demos, and just a lot more going on.

I’m really looking forward to the change. I’ve recommended it two years in a row. And I really just gave them feedback, saying the gaming component no longer felt like an event. My boys 12 & 17, haven’t had fun since the last time you were involved. So, THANKS!

Oh thank God. I can start going back to ConCarolinas.

Nice, I may have to put this on my radar since we stopped going to DragonCon.

…  no offense to how anyone else runs things… I am extremely thankful to see you back at CC – it needs your level of organization. The last few years were a bit chaotic for everything but Pathfinder.