Consent in Gaming? Really? Part 2

I have had time to reflect and look at the larger picture. I have read through some of the most angry and intensely upset posts in a conservative gamer group. I have also read some posts in a more favorable pro-social anxiety group that I am in (since I suffer from it, to a degree).

Honestly I am torn. First of all, there are two different issues that I am lumping together that are distantly related. I’ll address each one as (1) The consent book and (2) historical change in a western game. Why do I want to remain vague? It’s my blog.

For #1, there are two sides to this. The one side is anxiety – something I have a personal connection to. Not only do I suffer from it, my kids (probably in part because of me) suffer from it. I guess we all suffer from it to some degree or another. But it is a matter of how we handle it. So some folks that can be triggered into anxiety may need to voice their issues to a GM. That I totally get. But I still think it is a matter of personal responsibility and self control.

I do feel like people with anxiety issues need to voice their concerns to a GM before things start. I am all about communication and giving a player a chance to opt-out. I am not at all for GMs changing their game or their style for the sake of one player. At the same time, I think everyone needs to remember or a refresher course on common sense.

On the other side are those that are using anxiety as a cover for being offended. So either we have an epidemic of anxiety or we have some people that can’t deal with being offended. This is at the heart of those of us on the right of this issue. We want people to have common sense and toughen up socially.

But is there an anxiety epidemic. In a world where kids are pressured at school, parents are under pressure to make ends meet with both parents working, and all that’s going on in the world – internet, media bombardment, division, politics, predators and crazies on the streets with guns – are we causing more and more anxiety in our lives? So much so that even the mention of spiders or rats would cause an anxiety attack.

So yea … I have been doing some reflecting…

For #2, there are some really upset people – die-hard fans of this particular game that hate the company and the owner for making this decision. This guy is being dragged through the mud. And he knew it was going to happen and taking the hits wherever they come. He said their are real world reasons for making this decision – removal of certain controversial elements from the game – and we all know what he means. The shift in society that wants to erase the part of history has now effected their bottom line. One part political, one part marketing. It is what it is.

I don’t believe he deserves all the heat he’s getting. I have to admit that here is some angry and rude people on my side of the aisle. While I consider myself very right wing, I am ashamed how close-minded some people are on my side. It’s unfortunate. But then again, I did not invest much into this particular game because I could not get into it as much as others. I did invest a lot early on but could not make it work, so I sold it all off.

In the end, the market is going to be the market. If the influence of the SJWs is so strong that the market is shifting in that direction, then it’s the conservatives that are failing. We have to be as evangelical as Christians are or should be. Right now, with all this whining and bitching, we are not giving anyone any reason to want to be on our side. Name calling, cussing up a storm and virtually burning your books are not going to accomplish anything.

And in the end, it is your game. You want a certain element in your game, then so be it. I run a game involving Nazis in the future. I have to deal with a lot of difficult things when I bring that element in – slavery being one of then. I can easily wrap that up in a story and write it out. And that is one complaint I did hear and probably the only legitimate complaint – HOW these elements were taken out of the game. Many just wanted more than a wave of a wand or whatever. I can understand that.

It’s a shift in market and as I said before, those of us over 45 are being left behind. In any market, it’s the 20s and 30s somethings that the companies focus on. Older people are set in their ways and have chosen the brands. And when that brand changes with the market, the older customers bitch.

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