Consent in Gaming? Really? Part 1

Holy SJW-Crap! It has started in gaming! I saw it happen in sci-fi fandom. It killed my fandom. I hoped to God that it would not happen in gaming. Even if it did, I hoped that it would stay away from RPGs. But it has and the first place it goes in RPGs. My hobby has been invaded by SJWs!!! Noooooo!!!

In the (sorry-a**) name of inclusion, this ridiculous book has been published. Have I read it? Some. I could not get through it. All I had to do was look at their trigger-warning checklist to know what it’s exactly about. I am not going to even mention or link it because it will give it more publicity. It’s just one sign of a greater issue.

Why? Why do we need this? Are we forcing you in our game? Do you HAVE to be in my game if you find it offensive? If you don’t like it, leave. <WHINEY VOICE>”But that is not inclusive…”</WHINEY VOICE> Ugggh!! Find another game!!

Of course, anyone can email me or even talk to me if they find something offensive. If they don’t feel comfortable talking to me, they don’t know me well enough. If they knew me, they would know I don’t change my game style to be politically correct or protect sensitive ears. At the same time, if they know me, they also would that I don’t broach certain topics in games – like rape or child abuse. It’s just common sense!

I let this article sit for 24 hours just to cool my head. And in that time, another big announcement hits the internet that infuriated me even more. WIthout naming names or products, I will just say that a certain game is removing elements deemed controversial that are historically related. For similar reasons, some cities are taking down certain monuments. I’ll just leave it at that.

While I understand the move, it infuriates me. People can’t stand be slightly uncomfortable or offended. They can’t just walk away. They have to force themselves and their views to dumb and water down the worlds we love. What’s next, taking Nazis out of the World War 2 games? Taking guns out of modern RPGs? Or just the scary “assault” guns?

In the end, we have to realize something. Those of us 45 years and older are not the market anymore. Those that played AD&D 1e or 2e had to face it in the 90s when things shifted away from more complex systems to more stream-lined and player friendly systems. Although I liked the shift, it was the first steps to dumbing down of our hobby.

Is that elitist for me to say? Maybe. We like what we like and when it starts to change into something we don’t like, we bitch! And like sci-fi fandom, this is changing into something I do not like.

But how much do these changes affect me? It remains to be seen. It may not effect my home game but convention games, I will have to tread lightly. We’ll see.

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