Cool Tools for Star Wars RPG

Cool Tools for Star Wars RPG


Holo-Video Grenade

Construction Skill: Holo-Vid repair; computer prog or droid prog

Dificulty to build: ^ Moderate; ^ Difficult

Operation: Grenade (just press the button and throw)

Effect: Projects a 3D image pre-programmed into an area with a radius of .5 meters. Has a resolution of 4D (vs. search or perception to notice that it is just a holograph).

Cost: Not available for sale
Parts: 3000 cr – built from mini-holoprojector (can be found in R2 series droids), power pack(for blaster pistol, or other type of miniture power generator), droid brain or mini-computer.

Grav Gloves

Grav Gloves

Skill to build: Repulsorlift repair

Difficulty to build: Difficult

Operation: Climbing

Difficulty to use: easy (moderate for slipery surfaces)

Effect: Version 1: Complex rules.

Creates a powerful grav. feild which can attach onto any surface through the use of repulsorlift technology. Grabs onto anything with a STR of 5D. The power pack must be replaced every 15 hours of constant use.

Parts: 500 cr for high quality gloves; 2 blaster power packs (or 40 cr for mini power storage unit), 2000 cr for grav feild projector.

Cost/pair: Not available for sale (usually, if you can find it – 4000 cr)

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