Corona-cation 2020 Week 2-3

Corona-cation 2020 Week 2-3

Happy Meal/Skylander Giants Toys

My friend Dave O’Gara from Youtube’s miniature mash-up did a good video on some Happy Meal toy crafts. This inspired me because I have had a box of Happy Meal toys my son gave me a long time ago. They were from the Skylander Giants promotional run with McDonalds and some of them were pretty cool.

I had already tried a couple of things with one or two of them with mixed results. But these three are the ones I focused on for this craft.

In process, I added another to create a simple death statue that I will show later.

The first one is obviously a tree-ant but I needed to seriously modify it to make it less cartoony. I used the internet to find Treant examples and I found this one.

I drilled a hole in the middle of the mouth and planned to use hot glue to shape it. Additionally, I wanted to give him claws so I used the fingers from Halloween skeleton hands. I also wanted to add more to the “branch horns” coming off his head so I used green-stuff and hot glue to creature more branches. I also decided to use pencil shavings (DM Scotty’s trick) to add greenery.

The rock golem needed a little work on the head, so I Dremel’ed down the helmet and used modelers putty to shape in into a rock. The eyes were unsalvageable, so I used an I bead I had to make a cyclops eye.

I struggled with the Spryo-dragon. That face was just not working for me. So I proceeded to Dremel it off. I had hoped to find a lower jaw part or something to make it more scary.Then I found a skull I had cut from a Halloween bat skeleton and Dremeled the rest of his face off and added it.

The end result is below for all four toys, with wooden bases I bought cheap from Amazon. The Status as you can see is a Halloween skull face glued on to the main bad guy from Skylander Giants. He was glued to a orange juice top and added Mage Knight Wings to enhance it.

The final product of the Treant

Final Product of the statue

Next is the the mini-draco-liche and the stone golem. Will post those later

Impudent Mortal’s Starfury build

This is perhaps the biggest Impudent Mortal product I have started. There are hundreds of pieces.