Dark Chicago

Dark Chicago


Dark Chicago is a combination of two eras: it’s own 1930s prohibition times and the the height of the Roman Empire. The nomenclatura here have a strong Italian background and have brought back some of the traditions of their greatest empire.To outsiders, Chicago appears like a barbaric warzone, but to Chicagoans it is home. Only the true hardcore survive.




Gehin CorporationConsumer goods
PHYL Financial Corop. (Prudential-Hancock-York-Life)Financial Services
Nec-Tec IndustriesSteel and Iron production

Gang and crime activity

The Gangs of Chicago are known as the Families.

The Cambrione Family: This is the strongest and most influential family of Chicago. The Cambrione is the epitome of the Italian organized crime family. It is lead by Francis “Frank 9-fingers” Albery Cambrione (Magnus Combrionus), known for his one hand with 4 fingers, missing the middle finger. He is known to be very cunning and disarmingly calm. He is also a big fan of Roman history and sees himself as a cesaer of sorts.

The Cambrione family takes a strong stand against anyone that defies their will. Betrayal is the worst offense to a Cambrione. They tend to use the old Roman punishment of crucifiction to those that offend them.

(Tharkold campaign : The Cambrione family is under the influence of the Crucifier, the next Brother of Tharkold)

Galciari Family: A group of (Dark Elf lead) fanatics and psychopaths left of when the Chicago Mental Institute and the Chicago Prison shutdown, The abandoned insane and released criminals were banded together, influenced by Dark Elf leadership, under Dimitri Gionis Galciari, a charismatic Greek-Italian (actually Dark Elf).

O’mally Family: Irish-American formed crime organization modelled after the 30s style gangs, they are currently struggling internally due to clans that are apparently forming. Some say is it close to collapse and seek a leader to unite the clans.

Sumbala Family: Black-Americans of Chicago, seeing the need to unite, joined together and now are having the same problems as the O’mally’s. Theya re the most Empathic powered family of Chicago.

Important Sites

Soldier Field: Now owned by the Cambrione family after the NFL went under, it is used as a Gladitorial arena. Some cities participate in league games that the Cambrione family sponsor and they also have used it to resolve disputes with other gangs and families.

Important Individuals

Mayor Alexander Jadus “Max:” Maximus – Rumored to be the reincarnation of Elliot Ness, Max became mayor of Chicago out of nowhere. Many of the families fought his election hard. In actuality Max used his emmense Empathc powers to get himself elected. He is actually a benevolent spirit that has travelled the dimensions fighting certain evils. He has pledged to take Chicago out of the Dark and into the Light.

Indiginous Creatures

Flying Rats:Still known as the windy city, there seem to be a creature that has evolved in Chicago called the flying rat. Similar to the flying squirrel, this creature has become a nuisance to the local population. Recently, some have turned up carriers of a plague and some neighborhoods are hard hit with this disease.

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