Dark Liner: 13 Demon/Ghosts

Dark Liner: 13 Demon/Ghosts

The idea of this revision was the party would discover that a necromancer/demonologist of some kind was delving into some dark arts, using a specific arcane book found in the ship’s library.  I felt that just throwing zombies at the players was boring and wanted to ramp it up a little.  THe ritual required a talisman of some kind (a page from the book or a scroll with some runes) to be placed on the body of the 12 dead victims (that he ended up mystically arranging).  The party had to find those talismans and destroy them to stop the final ritual.

Here are the 12 original demon ghosts that were summoned and the final one was going to be the necromancer/demonologist (or one of the players, which ever direction I decided to go in the end).  I had pre-generated characters that worked into the list also, in case I wanted to make each of the characters part of the ritual.

The Poems would be found in the remnants of the book, which would clue the players on what to look for.


A deadly Sin once said

The Mass of One is Two

One’s soul consumed by consumption

Lie waiting for eternal corruption


Porter diaries; investigation into the death of the passenger – porter was investigated.

Porter Name: Terratious Morinard (personal servant to the man)

GM Notes

Obese passenger Gremlys Orkothan, never satisfied with his food; porter constantly called to his room bringing food.  The porter, driven to insanity by the demonologist power, entrapped Orkothan and force-fed him to death.

The porter than made it look like an accident, or possible suicide.



Punishment fits the crime

Hands severed, tortured, and death

Murder in a cacophonic hell

Hatred remains, soul undeath


Ships log notes a theft reported by noble/priest, who is very adamant about finding the item and punishing the thief one day, and then unconcerned about it the next.

GM Notes

Thief aboard caught stealing from a Kurgan noble or priest (due in part because the demonologist set the thief up).  The guards, affected by the insanity, in their rage punish the thief severely.  They take him down to a lower level near the engine room (cacophonic – chaotic sounds) and cut his hands off, replacing them with tools found in the shop they were torturing him in.



Murderer, psychotic soul

Rage, Insane hate of those on high

Imprisoned, but escaped, on the run

Caught, and cornered, a blaze erupts

Death and flame the only result


Ships logs note the ship security finding a known criminal and hunting him down.

Ships logs show several Priests killed in several days, rumors of the return of the legendary serial killer.

GM Notes

Wanted Kurgan criminal; Known serial killer of Kurgan priests. Found by Kurgan ‘holy enforcers’.  Cornered by Kurgan authorities in the lower levels (framed by the demonologist).  A fight breaks out, few survive.  The rage left behind keeps the soul alive to be corrupted by the Juggernaut demon.


The Hag, The Greater Sister

Great Sister, ancient in days

Dedicated to a life of purity

To be tempted by evil

Corrupted one night

Lost to eternity

Burned in the fires of fear and a furnace


Nun’s diaries of her doubting her faith, and meeting someone who agrees with her (demonologist)

GM Notes

Kurgan ‘nun’ found experimenting with demonology (tempted by the demonologist).  The “holy priests”/leaders of the pilgrimage of the Kurgans punish her, and burn her in the fires of a furnace.


Silent Heart

Chained like an animal

Enslaved by exploiters

Escape only to be hunted

Freedom dies with her

Her silence now eternal

Her Changed body a vessel

Of Darkness and Chaos


Records of the freak show of Changed in the ships logs.

GM Notes

Where did she die? 

Changed mutant, kept in cargo as part of a freak show for festivities later.  She is severely deformed, but can not speak or hear.  She escaped (with the help of the demonologist) but hunted down by her keepers.  Driven by the insanity, she attacked, killed a keeper and then she was subsequently killed.


First Born

Youth ignorant to the death

Only living for the moment

Immortal in his own mind

Playing in places best left

Mother left lost, wondering why

First born had to die


Mother’s logs. Record of the death of the Child

GM Notes

A child’s death on board.  Kid had an imaginary friend that he “followed” into areas of engineering that he shouldn’t have and died.  Body was never found.  (Demonologist created delusions with in the child about his imaginary friend)



One forgotten, destroyed by accident

Unknown to all, hidden below

Unsuspecting, stumbled into horror

Divided in half, only bottom was found


Ships Logs: Reports of the bottom half of the body found in the airshafts of the elevator shafts

GM Notes

Stowaway, lured into the bowels of the ship (by the demonologist’s work),  trapped in an area with a lot of machinery – elevators or airshafts – divided in half by them.  Torso still roams possessed by the demon.


The Virgin, the Dire Sister

Trusting, and naïve

Young and searching

Virginal and unblessed

The soul of purity

Violated, corrupted and killed


Ships Logs: A rape and murder reported, body taken to the morgue.  It was later reported lost. Young girls diaries or logs.

GM Notes

Pre-gen PC Link: Cadyn Vin Ne’Desion or Demonologist decides to take care of this one personally and does the deed.  Young girl, seeking spiritual guidance, is raped.



Underlying, devouring fear

Masked by honor

Terror only to be realized

Ending one’s life the only way out

Ships Logs: Body found, assumed suicide


Victims log. Loved Ones’ log

GM Notes

Pregen PC Link: Korok Vong-Nekay (Fearing Kurgans and their evil ways, he would rather die than fall into their clutches) or Sir Horus Van Giner-Keddah (Fearing demon possession, he would kill himself before it could happen) or the Insanity drove a honorable Kurgan warrior to suicide.



Flame surrounding, consuming

Air too hot to breath

Body withering to a husk

Secrets dying with it

GM Notes

Pregen PC Link – Luiz de’Lagara Rivera-Eduardo – Fear of being burned alive or some one caught in a fire below deck, in one of the engineering compartments.



Insanity at the heart

Tempest of Madness

Power of the Mind tearing

Torture and pain his prison


Consumed by the Dark Twin

The Mind Shatters

Torture to cleanse the sin

Ruin the body to save the soul

GM Notes

Pregen PC Link – Sir Maynard Goron-Brissly – Psionically talented, fearing the Dark Twin or Psionically talented individual, driven insane by his power, now enhanced by the demonologist rituals.


Torn Knight

Fear and hatred of the unknown

Consuming the soul

Fear of the strange

And the Unknown devouring

Protecting the soul from possession

Death the only choice

GM Notes

Pregen PC Link – Sir Horus Van Giner-Keddah (Fearing demon possession, he would kill himself before it could happen)

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